Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August Rush!!

Oh, how the month has flown and with so many changes and activities! Would really have it any other way?! First the big move in. It seems is like dejevu or reallity check! August...moving housing locations...8 or so months pregnant and still getting lectured about lifting boxes! Who else is going to be moving the gang in? I say the less boxes for the movers, the happier the smiles and the less the complaints. Plus, I kind of like moving things myseld and then I put them away as I go! The big, heavy men with the muscles..GO FOR IT!
So we did it!!! We finally bought a home, we'll see what a great idea that is come December when I'm still on Maternity leave and no more PTO! But we are excited and hoepfuuly have planned ahead that it all works out. We have debated back and forth about this house and before we new it, we were drawn in. So typical of a women,I couldn't get how I wanted to decorate out of my mind,so it had to be the right home...Right?

First...came the painting party...scary at times but I think it turned out good and we only have a paint on the carpet in one area. For four rooms, not too bad. With only one small accident that ended with a dent in our New Dryer ("really it's ok"), moving in went well. We experimented with the "woolie" on one wall, Thanks to Darby and CeLes for the supplies, and We think it turned out great! It may look a little scary..and like we don't know what we are doing...and WE Don't.

Kobe was great to watch the movies in the baby's room. But times did get a little tiring.But here's a look at Kobe's new room. Can I say he has been the best kid when it comes to jumping in his bed for nap times and at night. It helps "mom" sleep better at night knowing he is across the house now and still knows where we are and adjusting well.

Kobe the little painter...Congradulations for the Hawkes being the first one's to stay over night...Sleep overs are always fun!!!

Funny thing left in the garage,a lawnmower. Apparently ours due to the fact one new it belong to or came from...BONUS...Fun toys for Kobe...good trade with the family (we really don't need a riding lawnmower, but we knew someone in the fam who did...)

Now it's the slowly decorating and buying things needed as the money slowly dwindles, but We are SOOO Excited to ahve a place we can call "OUR HOME"! Thanks everyone who helped out. We love you for it. We do have the BEST FAMILY EVER!

To end the August Rush...Good times at the Fair! Kobe totally loved the Rodeo and we enjoyed the pig show, food and friends. I love it when you can run into friends! It had been along time for some!!! Thanks to those I got to visit with, it was really nice to see you!!!!