Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four, "I'm already Four"

Some of the Following pics are from boys combined "little einstein party" be posted later!

"Mission of the Missing Instrument"

Kobe has been anticipating his birthday for quite some time. He was grinning ear to ear when he came in the living room for his morning hugs. Trevor and I started singing "HAPPY BITHDAY", when Kobe said "I already sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself. Well i think we are good for the day. He also made the comment "I don't want presents for my birthday." What 4 year old says that??
Special request for breakfast.........captain crunch cereal??!!

He eventually open the Hawkes' boyz lego's present. Trevor thought it was "COOOL" and preceeded to BAM everything sending tiny pieces everywhere. Well I think that it a toys to pay during Trevor's naptime! We have quite a few activities that we do then :)

When dad came home from work, he went on a scavenger hunt to find his new bike. The scavenger hunt was a big hit!!! <note to self more than the bike> He even said "Mom it's your birthday too" (me)"Uh my birthday isn't today" (Kobe)"Yes it is, Your  pretend birthday and I will make YOU a scavenger hunt." But with little encouragement from Trevor (who couldn't wait to go outside to ride) he was helmet up. Now you ahve to understand that our boys DO NOT peddle the bike they scoot /walk it. So it was a big step for Kobe to actually ride a bike. Despite being Fixated on the fact he "CRASHED" into the rode on his unknown detor to the sidewalk he got back on.
He loved putting together different things, one was a dragon that had to go everywhere with us. The UPS man came with good timing and he opened his new LEapster game, which led to him not wanting to go anywhere else. But because the boyz love pizza we thought it would be fun to go to GERDIES. well with kobe falling asleep on the way...waking up for the dinner party went as expected....CRANKY...
But 20mins later he was good and got to play on the video games they have there too. With an impressive 1st place on the race car game He even managed to win himself some free games. I swear i never won those games even at 12.
We ended the night with watching Tinker bell's and lost fairy rescew (yes he has a soft side) and star cupcakes with blue sprinkes and chocolate frost and chips ontop which he chose over icecream cake??
Kobe i love you so much...
1. I love it when you just say "i love you" just because.
2.You love to snuggle with me and the best huggest.
making sure I always give him a hug and kiss before i leave for work.
3.You love to learn and play your version of "Whip out"
4.You love to cook,take care of me and you say the darndest things to make us laugh.

Grandma Gwen apparrently thought Kobe needed a new blanket. Like his cribe blanket wasn't big enough anymore?? Kobe couldn't agree more. He went right away to snuggling up in it!