Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I know it is the last day of March, but better late than never. The boys and i had a lucky St. patrick's day. Kobe thinks now that every day is a special color day.
We had our traditional green breakfast. Kobe was excited....Green milk??!! Got the boys dressed in their GREEN gear. Went for a walk with Julie and headed to Burley to Grandma's house. I did a little scrapbooking, covetted her LUCK decor letters and Jeff picked up Jason after he got off work and headed our way for a winnie roast. Overall, Time with the family is always a lucky day for us!
(kobe's drawing version of Jonah and the Whale)

Kobe woke up the next day and said NOW it's BLUE DAY!

There was also some really nice days that week. So, we managed to take the boys fishing. Trevor grew a little impatient waiting to bite, Kobe on the other hand couldn't wait his turn half the time and created his own rod. Kobe has also had one episode were we had not much of a choice and had to do his business outside. WOW>>>now he thinks that he can do it all the time. Much cooler apparently! As women I wouldn't AGREE.

After a successful day, you had to tear a screaming Trevor away. Oh how we love to fish!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eventfull down and Back trip

Saturday,,,,,,,oh Saturday. The plan for Saturday was to pair up with Jeff and Mel 11:00 am to start our anticipated Saturday Date to SLC to watch Bryan Regan. We left the kids in the good hands of Aunt Tiki and Uncle Jacob. Early enough because of the great unpredictable snowfall. I guess not unpredictable. Mel did try to warn, but I thought ya ahuh right I got home at 2:00am and there was no snow. But not to my suprise less than 4 hrs later she was RIGHT!
With a little later start to the morning and debating whether we should take her Tahoe vs. grand prix. Mel thought but what if we came upon an accident.....it's the EMT in her.....Mel just hop in!

So with love birds in the second seat we made it to plan B. Eating before the show in Bountiful at the delicious Texas Roadhouse!!! Between them and Olive Garden I could be set in this world! We thought with sick kids left behind and snow we better eat before and hurry back.

With 15mins before opening curtain, we eventually found our destination and made our way to park on the top floor of plaza parking lot and claimed our seats! What a beautiful and fun environment! We left with a bunch of laugh and snorts. Great entertainment! We did l;eave without of course running into someone we know. Hello Jenny use-to-be-Taylor! It was good to see you. You always look beautiful.

Well the next turn event not sooooo planned.
We sat in the parking lot for almost an hour trying to get out! There were no unkind words to say to he other drivers or tempers raised because we decided to chill by throwing in the red box movies picked up on the way out. We would have rather been an hour down the road but nothing is predictable!
With alittle mix and match weather of rain, snow and clear skies we made it to Riverdale for dinner AKA Jamba Juice!
On the road again.....Jason thought to himself.....hmmm maybe we should stop at snowville to fill up on gas. We could have made it but what if we got stuck somewhere....after a recent family member ran out of gas on the highway....he didn't think twice...

it's funny how things all fall into place to put you in the moment you were ment to be...
not too long later with Jeff at the wheel we came upon this.....

a church group coming from Boise heading home to Orem found the roads too slick and decided to rest in the barrow pit. It was a Lucky group of about ten people. We were probably 3rd on the scene. It hadn't too long ago because they were still trying to get out. Mel rushed over to assess the situation. I grabbed a blanket and went and swooped up a little girl and boy and brought them to our car. Luckily they all got out and all were ok. With a bunch of friendly strangers piled in our car trying to get warm the 13yr old stated he had hit it head and had not been wearing his seatbelt. He wasn't bleeding but had a bump on his head. As moments went by he started to have a hard time staying awake. who need ice when you have snow? So with our version of ice pack we had him laying back answering a million questions trying to stray awake and Mel at his side holding him in C-spine tell the ambulance got there. Their are sooo many wonderful helpful people out there. The boy eventually got loading into the ambulance. Which that was a hole story in it's self. We called the other half of their group to see where the nice people who had stopped to help had taken them. We still had their carseats in our vehicle, etc.

Couple things learned...1)We probably should have listened to mel's whispering of take the bigger vehicle. 2)I'm glad we didn't cus the hour delay and glad we ran into my high school friend (unexpected delays) 3)Especially glad Jason listened when he felt we should fill up. 4) oh so much for plan B, but how thankful I am for caring family members and our safe arrived home at midnight!

You know we really had what we needed at the scene. Mel a paramedic. Nurse. Jeff,A tough man that knew the area and not hesitate to call 911. A husband that knew Spanish. And a gracious Heavenly Father on our side.

The only 2 things I felt bad about: Mel loosing her second blanket now and the fact we both woke up with had a huge headache = we quite make it to church. not that the time change didn't help either.

Wow what a day and one not to forget! Maybe Mel....let's tone it down a notch next time :)