Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So either turning 6 months is hard work...or we are a boring family. Today Trevor has fallen asleep twice in his Johnny Jumper. Too cute! He cracks me up because when I went to get him out and with his eyes still closed he starts jumping. He seems to be falling asleep everywhere. We love our little man. I miss his baby cry, but love to hear him giggle and discovering his voice/squeelzes...maybe some day he'll be on American idle...nah....or in the tabernacle choir.....ah nope.... When i looked at Trevor last night i busted up because his little piggy was squeezing out the bottom. I was thinking the other day, "I thought we had more baby clothes". well i thought i had gone through all the boxes, but Jason informed me HE found more. I just love it that we find 3-6months clothes as Trevor turns 6 months. 6 MONTHS!!!!!WOW!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mommy time/crazy sister time/ family time/ and it's about time!!!

Getting off of work at 12:30am, showering and packing up the boys and heading to Burley by 2:30 AM was just the begging of a crazy fun weekend in Utah.
Apparently due to the rush and lack of brain power, I didn't get any good pics of expo :( What a blast we had this past weekend, but the lack of sleep made it for a hard red eye recovery. Three of my sisters, mom and Dad (plus a little hiding niece in the back seat) were off to the scarp book expo Friday morning. No my dad wasn't one of the scrappers, although we did meet a nice gentlemen that signed up for more classes then his wife. My dad was the DD. Jason, on the other hand, was in Burley being the "DB" (designated babysitter) for seven kids under eight. Next year we will be a little more prepared on what to expect, but we did accomplish Goal #1 Getting our own table and Goal #2 Finding the good deals. My mom even won an awesome prize. Kona wasn't kidding when she said that they didn't start scrapp'n till 12:00. You didn't dare miss out on a deal. My sister-in-law couldn't believe the craziness that she was seeing when she showed up. It was great she joined in on the fun. Maybe next time she'll stay and scrap with us. Towards the evening our hubby's and families showed up and we met them at the Mayan Restaurant. I was planning on wearing this outfit the next day :)If you haven't been, it is way too cool. They have a show with divers every half hour. After great entertainment and a kiss from my boys, us girls ran back to squeeze in some more time. Some of us were productive, others not so much. By 11:45 pm we were sneaking in our hotel rooms. Next morning we woke up and went swimming before we were off to the zoo. The Rassy's met us there. Unfortunately with a group that big we couldn't keep together, but that's all good. I did have my first experience nursing in public. Jason said "Trevor is hungry, You ready to feed him?" I thought... here??? uh??? because i'm so totally not like that, panic struck...where on earth do you feed a child at the ZOO in private. I missed the sign that the said "nursing gorilla moms", don't enter! So I created my own nursing room near the back side of the Giraffe's home, hovered in the corner, hiding behind the stroller and copped a squat on the ground. Classic, but private as private can be at that moment. For your benefit no pics of that :)

After the adventurous day at the zoo (which Kobe loved!!) we eventually made it home after a quick stop at Target to buy Twilight (my actual purpose was stop for a potty break...but i some how found the movie jumped into my hand and was walking out with me in the check out :) and finally...after recovery from all the fun, we got Trevor's room done. BEFORE... I'm pleased how it turned out, despite the fact my sponge on circles turned out to be all painted by hand. AFTER...
My favorite part was Kobe trying to help me pull my hair out my "helping" smear brown wet paint across the ALREADY cream paint that was still recovering from the previous "oops". Jason was patient in trying to help Kobe be a little helper. All in all what an overall great TIME!Thanks Jason for watching all the munch kins, Dad for driving us and sister's/Madre for the great time as always!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Last night I noticed our little guy rambling on with his first word....and today there is no questioning it. Unfortunately it's not mom...it's DaDa. Even Kobe said "mom, Trevor's saying 'Dada'". Jason just smiles his little smirk, but for some reason I'm not surprised. He loves his dad. I just remind him that Kobe said MaMa first :) Trevor is the cutest today just screaming, discovering his voice.
I'm looking forward to our sister time this weekend. We are heading out for a scrap expo at 3 a.m. friday morning, wish me luck that I get an on-call thursday or at least can be home by 12:30am. Is that asking too much?
WE have also finally gotten around to painting Trevor's room. We'll let you see how it turns out!