Sunday, December 6, 2009

Somebody is on the nice list....

The other night at work I noticed I must have left my cell phone in the car because it did not make it in the Hospital with me. There are many a times when I get in the car to see it on the floor or seat. So when my shift finally ended at 1:30 am or so I was tired and headed home, only to remember when half way home to look in the car before taking off. Well when i pulled in the garage i looked briefly but it was a no go. So i went and got Jason to start the process of "calling myself..AGAIN" Well I dialed myself and went to listen to it ring but was caught off guard when I heard something on the other end. At first I thought it was my answering machine automatically kicking on, but Nope it more sporadic sounds. I just sat there listening when finally someone said "hello?" "uh helllooooo, Where did you find my phone?" "Oh , it the person who's phone it is?" The girls on the other end where telling me that the where just getting off work and saw something on the ground in the parking lot that they thought was gum, but decided to take another look. They had debated about calling someone on the phone at this time in the morning? What are the chances they dialed Jason's number and I was calling on it at the exact same time????? at 1:30 in the morning 10 hours after my shift started ???? Well I drove back to the hospital and met these cute girls to get my phone. There is nothing more frustrating then loosing your phone, other than having to BUY a NEW one and start all over again and at this time of the year when the pocket is dry. I am soooo THANKFUL for these two girls who could have decided to keep driving or not decided to call!!!! Amy and ? you DA BOMB!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm thankful for batteries...

Thanksgiving final plans had us heading to far off Rupert to Aunt Bev's house. They were gracious to eat early so we could enjoy some Turkey dinner and family time. Why....cause mama had to work!Unfortunately the weekend was not captured due to my batteries being dead. I even tried tricking them by taking them out and putting back in...think i'm crazy? Maybe, but after a good talk'n to they lasted for about 4 pictures.

I didn't minding working, ok who am I kidding? It's a good thing I like my job and the people! But the nice thing was I was asked to go home on call the night before Thanksgiving so I was rested and Jason had made the pies for the next day so not much cooking needed on my part.
Thanksgiving night at work went like this: I get off work and home by 1:00am, change mt clothes laid on the couch for 2 hrs. Meanwhile texting my sister-in-law (who pulled an all nighter...drove with her sister from oakley to be here at 3:00am). So off I headed to Wallie World 3:30am. I don't remember getting up that earlier before with my mom. I don't know if it was because I was by myself or the fact I was cold already and anticipating standing out in the freezing cold, or nervous I was going to get trampled and still not know that I was there to buy...needless to say I was kinda nervous. Cheesy...but I was sooooo excited When I was able to just walk in and look around for a while, and position myself with my sumo outfit on and boxing gloves! ok not really but I did joke with a guy about pretending like he shoved me just to see if they would really escort him out like they warned.
I was impressed to be at the check out at 5:05. I wasn't so impressed with the Shopko line but at least it was moving. I managed to wait a couple of mins in Target's line with my ONE item (impressed with my resistance to buy everything in site). I couldn't figure out why people were waiting in the two longest lines. I was excited to run into Alisha (Searle). I was excited to find out she is having a girl in April!!! i knew that trip for one item was worth it! Next stop back to darn shopko to get an item it decided I did want after all. My final stops were at some other stores for MYSELF!! I figured I had saved my birthday money and now was a great time to find some items on great sales!! Besides the bag starting to for under my eyes, Jason called and he and the boys had cooked me breakfast and were waiting for me.
Friday we ran to Rupert square to see Santa turn on the lights. The trees were so pretty and The boys loved watching Santa ride around on the firetruck as the band played behind him. Trevor was mesmerized by the the Fireworks. This year we decided not to waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap. Too cold!
What a fun weekend. Tiring but oh so worth it. Jason finished off the fun week by making us a nice dinner tonight. I love the holidays and as Kobe would say..."Mom it's time to take down the TURKEY!" He is sooooooo excited for Christmas this year! He is already planning on bringing his bed out and sleeping under the tree.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!JULIE AND SHANTALA!!!! p.s.s. I didn't have a lot of pics to choose from.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

potty training day #1 and #2

My goal is to have Kobe potty trained by the time he goes into Sunbeams.*** January**

So some back ground....we have tried this before. breaking him into slowly. he actually peed once and got a stuff puppy for it. Then that phase died in one day. that's ok it was before Trevor and i knew once the baby got here we would have been back to square one.

Real attempt #1: Lasted ONE day, if that! I had took him every hour. He had even made it thru a nap time. But after the second pair of wet floor/clothes, I thought maybe it's not today!

So the other day I had been working my days in a row...lack of sleep on my part (trying to get a project done for a sister) and late nights at work, not so much my fault. Well thins dear friend named Allison asked if Kobe could come over and play, so one he could finally play with his buddy and #2 So I could get a nap in while Trevor did. I really appreciated it and took her up on it. Unfortunately during my comatose state Kobe decided he wanted to wear underwear!!!! I couldn't really say no, after all he was determined and already had his clothes in hand. I warned Allison and she was a trooper, "I've potty trained one so far, that's fine." Needless to say she said he pottied a couple of times and then she forgot to remind him and that was that.

So Jason has been on me saying, If you really wanted to you could get him potty trained.
the time always stinks. Someone is sick, going away for the weekend, work.....yada yada
He really doesn't tell me when he has to go. It is usually WHEN it is happening.
No one said he couldn't try....Right?

OK OK So I decided to really try....
Monday: We have been going to the potty every 15 mins. At one point I thought "do we really need to go so often?" and that is when I would hear "Mom I'm peeing some help"
Then again...Well We probably went through 5 sets of pants and underwear. One of those was when the missionaries where here eating, so our focused was a little distracted. Luckily he was in his room, "but yelled I'm pooping from his room" Which is not Embarrassing at all! The funny thing was he didn't want me in the bathroom with him. I don't know if he picked this up at Allison's, but I thought it was funny. Another thing I noticed was he actually tried sitting for a while and trying. before he would sit for 2 seconds and say he was done.

Tuesday: We started the day by getting underwear back on. I would set my cell phone to go off every 20 mins. So far today....4:30 pm and no accidents today. I swear he hasn't gone in the toilet, but must if not accidents today. Sure has made laundry a little easier. He still doesn't tell me, I just remind him or he hears the potty alarm. I got scared at one point cause he said he didn't need to go sit on the toilet and want to lay one my bed while i did laundry. So to cautious a laid a blanket down. One thing I noticed today, Sometimes he wanted me to stay and other times not. The one thing he doesn't get.....The stickers are apparently for trying (not actually going) so day one has a million stickers and we are out of stickers day two. But hey at least we are going in the right direction. We just can't EVER LEAVE THE HOUSE! ?:)

Does this make any sense?????Potty training tips needed!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm so stink'n excited


My brother-in-law Jeffery Sheppard, has finallllllllyyyyyy did it. He took the plung this past weekend. After many prayers.....Austin was blessed with the priveldge of the dunking. Which I will add brought smiles as Jeff's feet about came out from under him and his cute nephew giving him HI FIVE after while he was still in the Font. (with no glass up, we thought for sure a kid or paper airplane was going in too!

BEFORE... (no i didn't get these pics switched the first was jeff dressed up at a "rock star birthday party" on Monday)

He is so inspiring. What a special testimony he shared on Sunday. What a better way to celebrate then a feast! This pictures doesn't do justice. Can I say, the support was huge. He had 90% of Oakley Stake house chapel filled with love ans support. Not kidding and for ONE special person!


#2 Benjamin and Nikki had their little BOY tonight!!!!! It was due later this month!!!!! When they said any day they really ment it. Its funny I had been thinking about her today...Who would have thunk!

Congrats bro on your First BOY!!!You are the best Dad!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Betch'a want to be in MY CLUB!

So today i took the boys shopping to find their cousins "a.k.a. MY Boys", as Kobe would say, birthday presents. First stop the music store. Which went ok, we came out without breaking any instruments. CHECK CHECK! The imagination station was next door so I thought we would check it out. Well to kobe's excitement there was a train set you could play with. I pushed Trevor around in a toy wagon while Kobe played. Well it was time to go and YEP>>>> you can imagine what is coming next....

I had told Kobe we needed to get going and as As I was looking at a nearby toy I could hear a mom say, "let HIS mom worry/deal about him". I turned around to tell Kobe lets go and he was pushing a boy away from His toy that apparently the other boy -wanted or had. Well that just started the ball rolling. Next thing I know we are in a full Tantrum. Screaming he wanted to stay and play with the train. He was way past the "lets talk" point. Mind you I have Trevor buckled in wagon, trying to get Kobe out of the store AND I manage to forget my belt on my pants and with Kobe kicking I seemed to managing a THIRD problem of keeping my pants up. Did I mention Kobe waling all his body parts managed to connect his fist to my eye. Not so much hurting as was my eye freakin out cause all the lashes got clumped together(awkward/weird I know but it was making it hard to see with a blob in the corner of my eye, pants falling down and trying to figure out how to get a 1 year old wanderer and flailing 3yr old out of a story and into the car. Trevor has also got into copying everything that Kobe does, so he started crying. I finally threw Kobe over my shoulder once outside and put Trevor on the ground and tried to lead him while holding onto my finger. Somehow that didn't work out cause he manage to wiggle out of my hand and start walking away. For some reason it took three attempts to get Trevor over to the car and into his car seat. Meanwhile while getting Trevor buckled I was having to pin Kobe in between the car door and seat with my KNEE to keep him from running back into the store. I must have put on quite a show cause a lady in the car DRIVING by ask if I needed some help? NO SIGN NEEDED FOR THIS ONE.....We were flashing OUT OF CONTROLLLLLL! It is amazing how long it took to even do up the seat belt of a freak'n out three year old and how many times you have to pull over on the parking lot cause their determination can keep getting them. Eventually I held on to one of his feet while I was driving to keep him from sneaking out of the belt that was to my knowledge "escape free". Well he managed to sob all the way home getting louder as a I turned on the radio to drown him out. At home, time out tantrum boy eventually became quite. I thought with everything he might have fallen asleep.

Hour passed.....Kobe comes out as calm as could be, "Mom I wanted to play with the train. I need to tell that boy I'm sorry."..... Wow....I wish that would have happened while we were in the store. After our talk the verdict: no toys/movies tell Dad gets home. Be happy or no Birthday party.

Kobe eating lunch, "Mom i'm happy now. I can go to the party. We need to find that boy to tell him sorry. He has a house that is far away, we need to find it. I bet he has a grandma." Then after lunch, he was busy drawing smiley faces. Doesn't make you wander what the heck?

What are the chances it happens on my second attempt to go back out shopping? No, I'm not crazy enough to go back the same store!

(positive points) I'm Grateful For:
#1-I guess I should be lucky this hasn't happened before now. Not too bad for a three year old, I guess. Not listening is one thing, but this was A+ DRAMA!
#2-I stayed surprisingly cool (probably because I was in shock).
#3-At least I know what he would like for Christmas.
#4- I now can say I'm president of the "Tantrums Drama Club"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween week started off with Family fun for my birthday. I ending up with lots of family and a Delicious dinner prepared but yours truly and the hubby. Because it worked out best, we decided last minute to celebrate on Monday. Which ment I had to do some of things while Jason was at work. Unfortunately Trevor woke up to throw up in the bed (lovely, I know) and Later Kobe seemed to be the one to carry on the tradition. Scroll down if you choose not to read the next part....
When I walked in the house Trevor made a sound and the next thing I knew warm a rush of warm milky fuzzies was oozing down the INSID Eand outside of my shirt and preceded only to stop at my waist thanks to my new garment bottoms. 2 positive things out of this: 1-Lucky for me I'm used to this sort of thing at the hospital, ok not so much on me 2-it happened so fast I didn't have time to gag, plus not looking at it helped and because I was the main target we managed not to get any on the floor (at that point anyway)....


Well I was glad for that fact Monday was over. But the company and food were perfect.
Tuesday the boys were fine again. Jason thought about taking me to Boise for my birthday for some shopping and Olive Garden, but we settled on staying near and eating at Apple bee's. Good thing because it did try to snow. Jason started to feel not so great (24hrs), 7pm comes a long and my tummie not feeling too hot..again next 24hrs...not soo good. Best way to get over it was sleep and not eating anything. Which means Halloween week was full of TRICKS and Treats.

The boys dressed up as a giraffe and Lil' Stinker A.K.A skunk. Jason let me kick it on the couch, but we still managed to paint pumpkins and cook sugar cookies. Then we headed to Grandma Gwen's Halloween Primary Party. Kobe was a little unsure at first, but both loved the haunted blow up house and played some fun games. At first Kobe insisted going home rather then Trunk and Treating. What kid wouldn't want candy? Apparently him. But then we found little superwoman Maelin and then he caught on. The final stops at GG and PAPA (before they headed off for Arizona) and Grandma/pa Jones. I was just glad for the extra hour of sleep. Aren't we all!!!

Thanks fam for coming to the party and making Halloween fun for the kids.

Bring on November!!! (p.s. thanks Kim for the website, maybe I'll figure out how to do it faster.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Time at Unexpected Time

Jason's Uncle Steve passed away in His home after a battle of cancer. With sadden times brings a Reuniting of Family. It was nice to see the Jones'. Unfortunately, we don't really get together as a family with that side of the bunch. His kids did a great job and it turned out nice.

Tosha and Madison were able to make the trip this way. Kobe couldn't wait for her to arrive and thought any one who knock on the door just had to be her. Any time Madison comes down there is a MUST STOP.....HOP TO IT! So we got together and kids went wild what they do best! PLAY! Missing in action were the pictures of the Adults racing through the blow up toys/slide...the winner...No there was no shame as the people working there kept the KIDS off the TOYS while the dangerous race was on!!

Kobe loves spending time with Maddison. Grandma decided to show us a pumpkin patch near by. The boys had a blast running around and couldn't decide witch pumpkin was the perfect one. After 10 miles of hiking around Kobe narrowed it down to a "White" one. Fewwww that narrowed things down to Only 200!

Kobe loves this time of year and says "look mom out my window...there FIVE pumpkins...thats to 'cool for school'". Jason is great. HE wired in a light switch so I could have pumpkins that light up on my planter shelf and my friend Julie inspired me with her creation for my version of a wreath makeover. Unfortunately the before shot would be a ugly scarecrow on a wooden circle and AFTER....

Even the sick's good we have a minnie nurse in the family taking care of
US OR I should say DAD. This is the "early" on picture of the things he covered him up with: Kobe's blanket, pillow, rug, Trevor's chair and sippie cup...eventually all the star pillows and animals from his room were piled on. He pulled the curtains in the living room and told me "SHHHHH dad is sleep'n he's sick and needs to see the doctor. Most of which was not true and Jason was just soaking up his PAMPER time. Overall, we have enjoyed this fall season!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not so much a One year "WELL" visit....

Trevor's well visit came and he suddenly started getting a runny nose two nights before. Ya, he has been a little fussy, but contributed it to his new tooth trying to come in. No's all good. I expected sick days would come after hang'n with the family over conference weekend and birthdays. So when we went to his visit Thursday, I mentioned he had been a little more fussy then his norm, but temps and darn those teeth and runny noses. OUTCOME: The poor little guy now has 4 shots in his "health strong" legs, a cold, a new tooth coming in and ANOTHER ear infection. The doctor gave me some options: 1-hold off on giving medication and see if it clears up and see him to 4 weeks or so 2-start meds and see him in 2-3 weeks. Either way if he gets fussy for what ever reason treat him. Well Jason think why we would hold off and after he got home the next day I couldn't either (fussy was just getting worse)So Needless to say we started medication Friday night and started having temps Sunday. Doctor thinks he may have build a resistance to the amoxicillin because it has been so soon since his last ear battle. Humph...At least it's not the SWINE FLu!!! But my little guy ain't so happy, whether it's the repercussions of the shots/pain, tooth, cold....either way I think his cries say "I just don't know what YOU were thinking...I just DON'T feel good people". Hopefully in a couple of days He'll he back to feeling up to himself, and now MY COLD will go away.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Apparrently our computer has crashed which has really driven me crazy/bonkers/coocoo. I'm trying to post pics and such but unforntunately EVERYTHING is messed up/LOST/ or mostly both .It seems when i finally get something fixed something else becomes the problem. So....GRRRRRRRRR!

Monday, September 28, 2009

ONE year old and cuuuteRRRR tooo.... Happy birthday 2 you!

Party time hasn't seemed to end our home. With two close birthdays, we celebrated our two little engines birthdays together. And then of course our little family celebrated their special day on their actual birthday. After all, Trevor is turning ONE!

Sunday was to train hauling good time, as all the passengers arrived. Kobe was excited to have his train birthday cake and Trevor well he couldn't understand why he couldn't put his finger into it. Thanks to family, the boys had a blast and were spoiled.

Monday, Trevor had some favorite things for breakfast. He is so fun to watch trying to figure out what to do with that glowing fire. I love this picture because he looks like a pro, but really he is doing his famous "OH!"

We finally we made it to a long awaited "Hop To It" The boys went crazy running around. Trevor got excited just on the climb up the slide and Kobe loved the new baseball game.

The evening was complete with going out to dinner. Trevor crashed on the way home, but still managed to through in some excitement with launching some surprises in the bathtub, making for a quick get away and kobe going "oh....Trevor pooped in the tub".

In all, it was still full of surprises and a lot of fun playing with their new toys!!!!

We love your little smile and giggles.We can't believe how fast you catch onto things...You love to try to do everything that Kobe does. Everyone always says you look too little to be walking or running for that matter. We love the way you say "uh" meaning one when we ask you how old you are and showing us your one finger that conveniently finds it way to your nose or ours :) We love how you get excited to see Kobe in the morning and how you smile mischievously as you push the power button on the DVD player and giggle as come running after you. I love the way you get so sad and pout out that lip when we tell you No. Your little squeals you make when you feel left out either on the couch or when someone goes outside without you. We love how you get excited and totally be crying but immediately start clapping/smiling when you hear us start singing "If your happy..." and most of all I love the way you melt my heart when you tilt your head to the side and smile.

Happy First Birthday Trevor!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Big 3!!!

Kobe has been gearing and thinking about his birthday for months now. He has gone through a million birthday party ideas...changing his mind on the type of birthday cake...and what he wants. Not so much changing his mind on what he wants but more so as he would quote me "You want everything." Well September 21st has finally come.

It was nice to spend a day focusing on him. Kobe woke up and had french toast, watermelon and a candle. He blew the candle out before I even got to tell him he had to make a wish. It is so fun to have a little guy that finally gets a "birthday". He giggled as Grandma Gwen sang what i think was happy birthday. All he said after the conversation was, "grandma's funny." While he was too busy watching Dinosaur trains to talk to his dad, other's did manage to catch his attention for a minute to wish him a Happy Birthday. that is the library reading a book and my favorite was Aunt Megan's call while he was going down the slide or climbing it for that matter. It's funny how at his age he think you can see what it going on the other side of the phone. He kept showing people how old he was on the phone, in case you couldn't see he followed it with "I'm free".

So we managed to squeeze in the library, park, dinosaur nuggets in a tent in the living room while watching Spirit at lunch, present opening time and a spontaneous get together with G.G. , papa, grandma and pa Jones, Dust buster, Tiki and Jacob. We had homemade pizza, salsa, veggie tray, and Kobe picked out a Lightening McQueen Ice cream Cake. They unfortunate surprise of going to Hop To IT turning out to be a Surprise we close in 5 MINS!! I think I was more bummed then Kobe. He loves that place and We were all excited to go watch him break loose, but instead we ran to the park and watched him take on Uncle Dustin on a race around the toys.

He must of had a great day because he fell asleep on the way home and was in bed by 8:30pm. Well thanks fam for the phone calls. It really made him feel special today.

Kobe loves to do so many things at this age: trains, dinosaurs, hence PBS' Dinosaur Trains, finding the moon and stars, pirates, movies the latest "Spirit" on second renting from the Library, parks, library, Thomas the Train, I spys, HIS MOM, snich tomatoes from the garden with his shadow and partner in crime Trevor, learning!!!!, water, cooking, helping put away the silverwear, picking up SPIDERS and worms, painting (when my mom lets me), dancing to music on movies, singing (He knows from the first tune "MY BIG GREEN TRACTOR", making Trevor laugh, wrastling and hanging with His cousins!

What Kobe doesn't like at this age: Not a lot , that is it depends on the day but the one thing that is consistent: he hates getting dress on only one day of the week, which happens to be Sundays!

We love you Kobe!!! I remember the day you came and moment I held you, I knew you were my special "Sonshine" You make us smile everyday with your cute and spontaneous comments. You surprise us everyday with your smart and unbelievable whits. You teach us something everyday that we could do better because of your example.