Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wow... thats all i can say

Flaky Family Reunion

As Im feeding Brock thinking I have 5 mins to blog...His rooty tooty toot toot reminds me it will be only 2 mins.  So ive decided to post my favorite pictures / moments  over the past 3 months...



trevor wishing he could go to preschool with kobe

scrapboook expo usa...as usual leave @ night sleep in chair in get in line by 3am...new experience for my mother-in-law...i think she might even do it again next year !!!!

fun to find friends at expo


last few days of camping

Wii had  Birthday !!!Kobe turns 5 and Trevor turns 3!

loves to take his own pics

miniture golf 3-D

pickle lover

Brock's first Foods

Halloween 2011

zoo fun

preschool trip

Friday, August 26, 2011

3 months and bk 2 work ....

I really enjoyed having the time off and spending time with the family. This summer we did more camping then we have before and wish there was time and money to keep going...

Brock has grown so much. At 2 months he started smiling and cooing. Those are my favorite moments. Kobe started noticing and want to count how many times he would smile a day.... He has gotten so strong and LOVES sucking on his fingers! I often wonder what is going thru his little head. Other moments are spent blowing bubbles.

Trevor attempted swimming lessons. He was shy by one month to make it in the first swim class, but they said we could try it...well he wanted to join his class by the last day and would say hi to his teacher but he was a day late and 45 bucks short. YMCA was nice and just let us join the mommy and me class of abt 15 parents. i personally think is a waiste of money but best 2nd choice. trevor could still tell me "no" and i would still dunk him. But we had fun and Trtevor was loving the class and being brave /doing what i asked towards the end. Next year he will be ready, HOPEFULLY!

Kobe on the otherhand has been a fish! He loves the water. He thinks he really can swim by himself. I say not quite yet buddy. He is one thinks he is invincable in the water...which can be scary. He has been into playing angry bird. I have yet to play this game. He and dad have found yet another love to share together. When he is not on the computer playing he designs the game on paper! Who does that?
He cant wait for school to start. He is doing a "real" preschool. He did so good with the Joy school we did last year i just hope its worth the money and he continues to grow...He is usually the one asking me....."Mom what pattern do you see?"

I get sooo bumbed out when i have leave my boys and work. Jason knows this but unfortunatley it's a must. My boys did the sweetest thing for me. The Sunday before going back to work they came out of their room with a huge smile. Wrapped was 2 new pairs of scrubs and the sweetest note ever. Kobe has told me over and over "Mom i miss you when you go to work!" suggled with hugs and kisses. The note came with some jamba juice money. but the the thing that i loved most was my note. That is one of the sweetest things my hubby has ever did.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tee Up

After loving to coach baseball for the city of Poky for 5 years and after realizing my 4yr old hangs out with just his mom all day long   needed some lessons in socializing 101, I came to the conclusion  Kobe needed to play tee ball this summer. In Twin, apprently you have to be graduating from kindergarten to play tee ball. Well with a birthday on Sept. 21...calculation would mean he would have to wait  2 more summers tell he could even  play.....hummmm . So What does coaching really have to do with it?....well after coaching and seeing the variety of "talent" among tee ball player,s I thought Kobe would blend in just fine. Afterall how many dandelions can there be in a field?

after the first game against "not so much the little league allstars team" as it was the coach thinking he was running major leaguers....I started to have second thoughts! Its hard to be a sports fanatic and watch someone else coach or more like stand there watching and not coaching. Up to bat,  Kobe would hit the ball then suddenly became a spector. After the 20th "KOBE RUN!" it would register and out he would be. The game ended with Kobe finally making it to second and on the way to third when the shortstop on accident knocked him flat. Waiting...no one did anything so  I ran and picked up poor devasted, crying Kobe and carried him to third, piggy backed him to home plate the next play, so he could finish the game. He couldn't even do the cheer at the end, NOT THAT HE EVEN KNEW WHAT THAT WAS. He just cried, his stomach hurt. Even the all important treats didn't phase him. So much for a good idea.

he started off look'n good.

liitle slugger

buddy Ryker

After one practice of teaching the team HOW TO PLAY it was amazing how the whole team did much better! Kobe started smiling and having fun. He is so coachable and I love seeing him improve. He is such a little man out there.  He has had some great family support...and they have enjoyed the giggles and excuse to visit!
KOBE telling Jason What his next move is...

first time playing catcher

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boy oh Boy!

There is one thing I have learned and that planning is over rated. Our sweet little boy did what I didn't think he wouldn't actually do and that is he actually came on the day we had scheduled ... it's a good thing we are used to change and that I have seen all the doctors in the office at least once and have been there before. With the hour delay due to another case, we suddenly had two choices (mind you we were hooked up with IVs and ready): Postpone our scheduled time to another date if we really wanted that Doctor to deliver or #2 we could go on as scheduled and Dr. Coleman would be preforming the C-section. Hummmmm really a choice? I had seen Dr. Coleman once on these visits but I Thank goodness I have been to this group before and I likes and trusted him. Nothing like trying to panic a lady ready to go to surgery....

To spare the other details the rest went something like....Sneezing was not in my best interest  DONT PANIC....fingers numb (don't remember that my first time) DONT PANIC.....trying not to throw up laying flat.....DONT PANIC.....just close your eyes and breath in threw your nose.....But not too much cause then you'll PANIC.....

Jason by my side.....BABY CRIES!!!!!! He's finally here......at a quick glance I thought he was beautiful.....

In recovery....It couldn't go much slower, wishing the effects of surgery would where off faster....I tried to bush off  the side effects of the medication was having on me. It's funny how I can now experienced this 3 times now and it be very different.

I finally got to see our little guy who had apparently been "naughty" in NICU. The nurse came in and said, "I think your little no name little boy is ready to see his mom." He had made it loud and clear he didn't want any one touching him in th
e NICU. Trying to remain half awake I finally got to hold my little man. 

The one thing I remember Jason telling me after he was born when I was recovering was he had lots of hair.....He was beautiful.Finally my crazy dreams of him coming would end!! No more Obama delivering and then dropping him, clef pallets, Having a twin sister....I was starting to come up with some good ones.

Family all came at once.....At that point I wish we had been able to get into a bigger room. The Boys were great. Trevor came right in and said "BABY". They were excited to see their mom too. Trevor was well aware where the "baby" was. When it was time for them to hold him for the first time Trevor was first. I climb right up in the seat and smile proudly. That was until the baby cries then he said "All done" and jumped down and said "kobe's turn". Kobe sat smiling ear to ear. when he was done he told Aunt CeLes...."you have sit way back and put the pillow here."

After some ruff spells and  almost kicking Jason out for making me get the giggles,  our finally overspent morning in the hospital was over. We just couldn't come up with a name and then worse we then couldn't spell....finally .....
our little no name  baby jones.....has a name.....

Rainbow (Bo for short) Indiana Jones

ok so that was what Kobe really wanted to name him and still thinks that people aren't saying his name right ....bless his heart....he really wanted it....

ok so thank goodness mom and dad had the last say....
         Brock Donavon Jones ....
came Friday the 13th. A lucky day for us.
@ 2:17 p.m.  7 pounds 4 oz and 20 inches long.

Announcements awaiting....

It's fun to hear Trevor call him Baby Brock. They love their little brother and We can't snuggle and get enough of him.
Thanks family and friends for watching out for us and helping out!!!!

p.s. The only thing i wish i could change....the boys coming home with nasty colds....awesome I know. Yet another kink to let you know you have no control....