Friday, May 21, 2010


So it's not unusual for me to "misplace" my keys. I swear THEY have a tendency of running off on me, it totally has nothing to do with me!! :)

Last SATURDAY!!! Jason and I actually went on a date. Shocking....I know the rest of you go weekly with your hubbies... It was a nice evening, dinner and movie with no interruptions of crying, rassling, "your turn"....Nice. Boys where mostly in bed when we got home. Next day, Sunday, we woke up and had to drive two different vehicles and to no surprise i couldn't find my keys right away = so i borrowed jason. I usually don't worry because with little time i find them. Well SIX DAYS LATER I think to myself HUH I THINK YOU REALLY LOST YOUR KEYS!!! Jason and I having been turing the house inside out. I had just had my keys at 3 hours prior to us leaving on date and I didn't take them with. We checked with the babysitter. NOPE! I asked Kobe cause he is good at finding things and he was like DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALK'N ABOUT CRAZY LADY. Jason was sure the boys had done something with them. So to all their hiding spots we went. I felt guilty thinking maybe I really did put them down somethwhere funny and here the boys are getting the blame. So away we have looked for 6 days mind you SIX DAYS! Behind and inside couches, sand box, every place we could think. I started reorganized my closet space. It's actually been a busy week so with little chance i had I've looked. I even tried the praying for a fantastic inspiring dream that would magically "show me the WAY". Nope, Heavenly Father doesn't send dreams anymore or ever to me now that I think about it.
So today I finally decided to clean Kobe's room which for 90% of time is clean but has been a disaster the past 3 days cause he decided to get everything out of his closet and throw it up in the air to see how much ground he could actually cover. Which i must say he did really well, only leaving a little trail to his bed.
So As I woke with Trevor at 6:45 (Did I mention I worked till the wee hours of the morning) With the worst migraine and nausea, After deciding that the Excedrines finally kicked 3 hours later, I could actually move.
What better thing to do then attack KOBE's room before anyone actually sees it. So as I am on my hands and knees next to his drawers is see this...

What in the world...I new instantly... I yelled for Kobe..."I FOUND MY KEYS" He came running in. "Look where Trevor hid them" "No mom I hid them there, isn't it funny" The look on my face must had struck a cord because he started hugging and kissing me saying "I love you mom!" "Kobe you know I have been looking for them." More hugs and kisses and off he went!!!
I text Jason and he said the funny thing was he looked in those drawers last night. What are the odds that I would be 2 inches away and see one key peaking through the only drawer with a crack that we really don't open cause it has clothes he's not into yet. I mean really they could have just stayed hiding and snugged against clothes rather then be abuse by being shoved into a key hole all day.

Oh how grateful I am. I'm sure Heavenly Father said, "ok busy week, rough morning and I think she has cleaned enough....Today is the day, lets see if she pays attention"!!!

GOOD ONE!!!Thank you thank you Self and to those with on-high connections for me FINALLY FINDING MY KEYS! now all I need is a beeper/alarm button on them!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Noblest Calling!

Who ever said being a mom is "easy" needs to be high-fived!! Motherhood one of the EASIEST things in this least in my dreams it seems to be that way...then again even then I have nightmares...or was that reality...hum now i'm thinking it's not so a piece of cake....although having great kids always makes the task of motherhood ALL WORTH IT!

I had a very nice mother's day week. WEEK! Well it started on Wednesday when my mom coming down for our YW's Mother/Daughter Spa night. She was a trooper driving down and the morning to help us set up and decorate. She didn't get near the pampering she should have. Although it's crazy when your running in the event, We still had some memories to share and I got to share my mom with them!

Sunday, Jason and I made breakfast for my mom. It was nice but never enough time.
Kobe couldn't wait for me to test my mother's day present in my dress we went..!

We headed over to Candy's to join her at church. The Boys made the cutest mother's day gift of love and so excited to give. Candy surprises her girls with a flower....too nice of her and her I thought we were to give to her. We had a nice dinner were Wendell and the Girls shooed me out of the "kitchen clean up duty".
Next spent some special times the a GRAND/GREAT MOTHER.....still bumbed I didn't get pictures there.

We topped off our evening driving home early to make sure we fit in a short Bike ride!

I LOVE BEING A MOTHER MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!!Nothing touches me more than my boys. Trevor gets excited just to to see me walk in the door...Kobe and his sweet ways of just walking up to me to say "I love you mom." he is always picking me dandelions and snuggling with me. Both are still mamma's boys and THAT JUST FINE WITH ME!