Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Quirky TAG...

TAGGED form Kali Jo- 6 QUIRKS ABOUT ME ....
Maybe this isn't a good idea...:) There could be too many and then after I won't stop...

1. I hate the fact that I want Jason to stay up with Trevor so I can nap/Sleep at night, yet I lay there listening to the baby cry and think I might as well take care of him if I'm just going to stay awake and listen. Why can't I fall asleep like Jas does so easily. GRRRR...."Just let him do it" I keep thinking or "Go get him."
2. I hate calling or talking on the phone. (More calling) I don't know what it is, but my mom said I should get over it. I just would rather text or talk in person.
3. I still hate jewlery. Yes I wear my wedding ring, but I can't think about it or take it off. It's something about holding it in my hand that I just Kringe. I did get my ears pierced in 2nd grade (when I thought I was over it). But this only lasted 2 days and those dang holes are still there. Maybe being a tom boy growing up and wanting to be a "boy" scout had something to do with it.
4. I just love baby and kid clothes. I would buy my kids a million things if I could.
5. I have a thing about keeping my nose clean. I hate a dirty nose.
6. I'm against Day care. No offense to those that take their kids, but I just have this thing were I think "I'm the mom so I should be watching MY kids." It's a guilt thing. I hate/feel horrrible when I have to find someone to watch my kids when I work. I don't mind if it's a friend or family memeber who wathes them. And I have to drop them off at the lastest time possible and I rush to pick them up. I will drive an hour away, just before I have to work, just so they can be at least with "family".
I tag....Shantala, Audra/Woodsie,Sara Kemper

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged....who's next...

Tag #1: it's Funny the way you remember and perceive things.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN MARRIED? 6yrs and 9 months--wow!! seems long
HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? partial blind date (i had at least seen pictures of him) Right when he came back from Mission in Chile in the end of June. I told him I didn't want to be engaged until December, but he suprised me the last day in November only because his original idea wouldn't work because I was going to Salt Lake to Sara Young's wedding. The whole dating period was Quite Interesting to say the least. Jason may prefer to forget part of it :) Married 2/22/02 at 2:00. Can't forget that one!!!
HOW OLD IS HE? 28, we are same age for four months.
WHO CAN SING BEST? Well I think we sing ok together, but then Family home evening proves otherwise. but kobe loves me to sing to him no mater how poor it is. "More Song" he says.
WHO IS SMARTER? Well i did graduate from college before him, which may not say anything. It depends on the subject. some area I can't even compare to him.
WHO DOES LAUNDRY? Mostly me, but he does help with the washing, but not so much with the putting things away. But who likes doing that?
WHO PAYS BILLS? It started off me mostly, but once the kids come I swear I don't pay attention to anything else. every once in a while I will check things out and see what needs paid and do it. i have learned some from him i this area. I think he prefers I don;t look at the bills cause the couple of times I lectured him on how much extra he cost us for texting. But, i'm sure other times he wished I paid more attention to when things are due so they get out on time.
WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? I do. We switched a couple of nights for kicks so Kobe would come in and wake HIM up during the night. It worked for one night, but then he figured out i was on the other side, so Jason wanted to switch back. I did manage not to get woke up for one night though.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? We just barely got a lawn and we got a lawn mower from family so I haven't learned how this one works yet. Plus I was almost 9 moths prego and just had the baby. He finds a little pride in having his own lawn now and likes mowing...I'm sure this will wear off, but I really don't mind.
WHO COOKS DINNER? Jason is an AWESOME cook. I have a tendecy to cook "normal" stuff and he cooks something interesting and new. I hate to try new things and he loves it! but if he cooks, usually I still clean up. Although he has gotten better. I clean as I go.
WHO'S THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? We have gotten better, but still we each would say we were.
WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? I remember our first hug (cheesy i know) only because I thought "that was akward". I didn't hugs could be? I believe he said he loved me first course he remembers me saying "I'm in-love with you" first. I thought the was met in the middle, but he remembers not even going there until "I had made up my mind" so he said I kissed him first, but i'm sure it didn't take long to meet my lips.:-)
WHO WEARS THE PANTS? In the end, Jason usually does.I would like to think I'm in the pocket somewhere.

TAG #2: 4th pic in 4th file and explain...
This was Kobe's first Christmas with us. We took this picture to mogpog on a snowman shovel we painted for the grandparents for the holiday.

Not sure how many to tag...but I tag: Kim, Lisa Rae, and Chad Barker (Chad -I would like a wife version though so I can get to know her :)(not sure who has/hasn't done it)PLEASE SO BOTH TAGS!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

One Fun and Special Weekend

Halloween finally came and Kobe was so excited to finally dress up as a scary dragon. He was dressed up long before we took off the Burley. He could scare anyone with his dragon growl (or at least that is the sound we taught him). If you could look past the wedgie it gave him when he put the "head"on, it fit him perfect :) Trevor was a very cute cookie monster. We had fun at our ward party on Thursday. Kobe loved following the kids around the circle in the "ghost walk", but when the music stopped he just kept going. He didn't quite get it, that is until the one and only time he stopped on a picture and WON! Friday we went to the Hawkes' ward party with Sheppenhalls and Grandma Gwen. It was fun, except for now I was enjoying having an infected tooth and supersized combo headache to go with it that all started up late Thursday night. I guess I got the TRICK while everyone else enjoyed the TREATS. Pain meds were like candy! thanks to family i got part of it fix on Saturday by a nice dentist who made a special trip to his office, so I could semi-enjoy Sunday. Kobe had a great time passing out Grandma's trick-or-treating candy to the family around the room. Smart little wippersnapper some how could remember who had certain kinds of candy. He would pull out a Milky Way and say "Megan" and take it over to her, "snickers" were "Ryan"s. etc...Then he and his cousin Kendra (abt same age) would dump candy and the floor. She would then hand the candy to him and he would put it in the bucket. they did this a million times over. We all just enjoyed watching and laughing. It was fun to play with his other cousins.
Sunday was special. All the family came to Twin for Trevor's Blessing. Jason did a great job. We got some pictures after at our house, but luckily my battery DIED and poor Trevor was hungry, which put up a red flag for the pictures. Bummer! But the company and food was great in celebration. My mom added her special touch with a bootanier(sp), which had a piece of my wedding veil and leaves/flowers from my wedding bouquet. His shoes were too cute. She made the sweetest white blessing blanket, burp cloth AND car seat cover. She really went out of her way to make things special. YOU'RE THE BEST MOM!!!! It was great to have such great family support. GG and Papa were great to stay for blessing before they took off for Arizona. Jason and I were a great team staying up the night before till almost 1:00 trying to get food ready. I love my sweetheart and I'm so grateful for him and how he honors his priesthood. What a blessing and a great ending to a weekend!