Friday, January 21, 2011

New and Lost Additions

A new year already and I still haven't blog christmas....


An update is much needed. So here's the latest in the Jones home! Since Christmas we have gain some new additions. Shortly after Christmas we gain 5 new family members which grew to I believe which extended to 10 by January. Whom you say....

We are proud parents of 6 fish, one shark, and one crab. The boys have loved picking and and setting up their tank Santa brought them. Unfortunately that's were our death have also come from. We were on our second green tiger barb when we discovered the crab was more enjoying eating him then he was about swimming. I think his fellow classmate got the best of we were going to have third as the charm and got our latest addition who is still breathing.

One of exciting additions....Emily's new hubby. It was one cold day, no make it Freezzzzzzzzzzzzzing with a capital F. But all were smiles. I only wish I had pics from the beautiful reception they had. Welcome Sheldon and Mrs. Mallory to the family!

 Let's see that makes 9 new addition so our finally newbie to join be joining in about 4 1/2 months. Kobe has been excited from the begging and well Trevor has grown to like the idea. At first he said "NO BABY", BUT now he is all smiles and not quite catching the concept that he will no longer being the "baby" technically. Kobe was cute the other day though. Trevor was kicking on the bed and I said Trevor watch out for the baby and a few minutes past and he was kicking Kobe and Kobe said, " Trevor don't kick me in my belly, watch out the baby." So hopefully we are just having one :)


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