Monday, May 19, 2008

Sooooo What Is It??

After a long wait with no one in the waiting area, we finally made it in the ultrasound room. Kobe kept saying "what's that". and trying to get on my lap. I was glad Jason got to make it to this visit. I love seeing the 3D images of our little one. There was no mistaken...I knew without them saying...We saw ALL BOY!!! Yep... little brother. We are excited. Jason says..."more guns" and now not so worried that I would drain our bank account if it had been a girl! :) I love my boys, but not to sure if I like the thought of being even more outnumbered.:-) well as Melissa pointed out, most of us have three of one and then get surprised. Jason teases there won't be that many, but once he holds and wrestles with his boys he forgets.
Besides this unexplainable pain in ribs so early ( not any different from last time), and cold that won't go away...the baby is moving and that one of the greatest parts. Everything seems to be doing great!!!! We are exited for our family to grow. We love you all!

Mother's Day...We Love you All!

What a great Mother's Day! Although, trying to see everyone doesn't quite give you enough time. I am thankful everyday to be a mom to such a great son and I truelly love and appreciate all my mom does. She is one great women. Not to mention...I have a great mother-in-law and I'm so lucky to have grandma like "GG."