Sunday, May 17, 2009

Needing more time and space for play ....

What a great way to spend a weekend for mother's day.... On Thursday night, I finally got someone to work for me on Saturday so we could head off to have a rock'n weekend. We took off Friday for Utah(later than we would have liked...Jason faking sick would have been the preferred plan = him not working = happier wife and husband :). Time was spent stuffing our face with delicious meals and making attempts to play games. To make us feel better about stuffing, that is a our faces, we did some major paddling of boats on the pond (ok some of us actually fell asleep on the ride), chasing kids and "mommie" time at the mall. It was a great mixture of campfire camping/convience of a club house and an even better mixture of COMPANY! Thanks so much for the invite and good times!

Then Saturday we pulled into my parents house at 1am. I guess that would have made it Sunday. On Mother's day, we enjoyed time with the best moms in the WORLD! We joined with the Fife club out at the Minidoka Dam. Then rounded up the evening traveling to see GG and Grandma Jones.

I don't think we could have packed anymore in our blazer and that was just for a TWO days. We'll have to rethink how to pack for the Reunion.

I couldn't have been blessed with a better weekend with friends and family. I love being a mom and wife. My Boys bring me so much JOY! And I couldn't ask for a better Mother as an example.
We are truelly blessed by some GREAT WONDERFUL WOMEN!!!! We love you!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little late...Birthday shout outs!

May is such a busy month with graduations, recitals, birthdays....
I just wanted to wish my fabulous family HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Amy and Melissa...

Keylee Shay...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So today I learned something from a 2 year old. At first site one sees a pest that may ruin the lawn. To is a beautiful flower. Kobe kept saying, "Look Mom a flower. Smells gooood." He kept picking them and giving them to me and saying, "Here, luvs you mom." I love my boys and the things THEY teach ME! They are the Best gift a mom could ask for.

Friday, May 1, 2009

AH.....Thank you?!

A few things I have noticed when driving home at 1 in the morning is TWO things: #1 there are a Lot of cops on the road #2 There are a lot the cops on the road. Jason made the comment one time to me, "you just notice them cause no one else is on the road" So with this in mind. I make a conscious decision to make an exaggerated stop at the Maverick light that is at this point blinking red and to set my Cruise on 35 then to 45 when it changes around the bend. So tonight I was totally caught off guard when I was driving home and noticed this car coming fast behind me. I thought how fast is the "smart idiot going" looking down to see I was going maybe max 36....oooohhh rebel I know. Well the idiot behind suddenly turned on their lights...huhhhh. Normally a person at this point would start to sweat and replay the last mile and a half of what you could have done wrong....well instead i was still thinking what the heck? hence why I am blogging this right after getting home at 1 a.m. and not in bed. I'm still bugged and the fact Trevor will be due to eat soon. anyhoo so I pull over, note to self I have been pulled over maybe twice before and no ticket so I almost didn't know if I even pulled over right? if there is such a thing. The "officer" comes up and said I had you going 40. 40!!!!wow 1# I was always told from my responsible siblings that 5 over was ok :) 2# I started to say...I looked and I was only going 35. His comment...."seriously I had you at 40 and you crossed the white line twice." (HUH? I wasn't sure he was following me) he asked if I was feeling o.k.? (a.k.a. have you been sniffing the alcohol wipes at work :) He asked what the speed limit was. I answered to much. 35 and right up there it changes to 45 and back there the light was blinking red. anyway he asked for my license and registration. which leads me to my first reason for being thankful...#1the fact I even had it with me. I usually leave my purse at home when I work. I always think if I get pulled over I have my number memorized and the exp. date...that works right? :) So I undo my seat belt and thankfully #2 licence and registration are right on top and current. So he comes back and said make sure you stay in the lines and drive the speed limit. I said I usually set the Cruise because of the high protrolled area and as he walks off he said, " and make sure to buckle up." I said I undid it to get the registration. I should have gotten a ticket for "shut up Ainslie and smile at the sweet cop and bat those eyelashes and say thank you for your concern" but instead I still thought "what in the ....did I get pulled over for. So this is were my next reason for Thank yous is: #3--No ticket. I thought later I should have told him thank you, I guess. I know there are days when you can't honestly say whether the light you drove through was really green because you were out of it or the fact the car in front of you went...but today...was definitely NOT one of those days. Thankful #4 :Thanks Heavenly Father for that simple answer to a prayer I say before I go to work. Crazy....I guess things happen for a reason....

And because I think every post needs a pic and I wasn't about to ask to officer for a picture... instead I went with Trevors' thoughts on the subject if he had been there