Friday, September 26, 2008


Boy, you would think you would know when the baby is coming when you have a planned C-section. I have been preparing to go to the hospital Wednesday at 730 a.m. until I get a call Tuesday to let me know of a time change. When we scheduled our appointment I was first on the list so far and knew I would be bump to a later time, if other situations arise. So my last couple appointments I have made sure I was meeting with Dr. Smith (who did the surgery last time, and is my doctor of choice). I am excited because we have things all worked out so family is watching Kobe the days we are in the hospital and Jason has gotten the work off. If I can just get threw Saturday, Sunday, Monday of work, I have Tuesday to rest (haha) and get the last little things to wrap up.......
My surprised phone call came today to inform me that my C-section time would be MONDAY AT 1100.....AGHHHHHH MONDAY?!!! Course I called tight back and informed her I was told Wednesday 730 with Dr. SMith and Allen would be assisting. Boy was I missed informed. She said who told you that? I MADE IT UP???? "The person that scheduled the surgeries!" Well Smith is only there Monday and a PA would be assisting and there was no openings on Tuesday, and Wednesday I would have to be add-on with Dr. Allen and Crandall assisting. TOTALLY NOT THE SAME INFORMATION! Did I mention I have never seen Dr. Crandall during this pregnancy and I have only seen Dr. Allen a total of 2 times between BOTH pregnancy and for a total of 5 mins. So I was pretty happy!?*@
Tears were more like it. So I had a short time to decide what to do. If during my last 5 appointments someone would have corrected me when I said my appointment was on October with a totally different group of man I could have planned better. Like scheduled my appointments with them so they could at least have an idea who am or how things had been going or I could have made arrangements to actually have MY doctor since it has been scheduled some time. So do I scramble to make arrangements to change it to Monday and hope I don't get off at 2AM from work the morning I am to be back in to have this little guy, not to mention jason and his work...
Well I have to say I have a supportive husband that said, "If you want to have your doctor then we can make it work...don't worry we have lots of family...and ...." 100% supportive either way! But would I really want to change everything, or suck it up and hope these guys will do a great job and stick to the mixed up plan?
Can't I just have plan A!!!!5 days before the baby not fun timing to have a change of plans.
So plan "C", wednesday, I guess, GRRRR. Yet, I do have to I go into labor and have it Monday anyway! BABIES....So unpredictable even if there to be planned C-sections!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"2" Fun of a Party

The fun thing about a house is that you can actually start having parties at your home. For the first time we didn't have to travel to Burley, family came here!!
Kobe turned TWO!!! Wow it's weird to think about having a two-year-old and not to mention another little one on the way. If you haven't gotten the Leap Frog alphabet movie, I highly recommend it. (Or I should say My OB doctor actually did.) Between the movie, that Kobe just loves, and the alphabet set on the fridge, he can not only say the sounds of letters but knows recognition. It just blows me away. So it didn't take me long to think of a theme for a party.
Kobe's "ABC" birthday invitations went for his party for Sunday. Thanks family for the great turn out!!! We were suprised by the great turn out and full house. With different letters handing around the house, a "K" birthday cake for Kobe, alphabet letters cut out in cookies for the kids to decorate, a balloon fight in the living room, it made for a crazy gathering of fun.
It wasn't until after cake and icecream and opening presents and some of the kids heading outside to play in the backyard that poor papa could actually hear himself talking :) Kobe thought it was great playing with his cousins and family.
He even actually had fun opening presents this time (at least I thing about hosting is I was in the kitchen dishing out dessert with my mom during the opening of presents). Thanks to Uncle Jeffery filming, I'll be able to see it.
Wow he did get spoiled by all, both in gifts and attention. We really appreciate everyone for coming and making it so much fun for him. It's alway fun to have family time with everyone!!!
(Kobe and Jason having fun with coloring/finger paints after the party. Not sure who had more fun :)