Tuesday, January 26, 2010

make things simple...

Have you ever looked back at your day laugh and go humph!

***Today I watched The cutting edge 3. The movie is probably 1hr 30mins long but it took over 3hrs to watch. I kept looking ...only 20mins left yet I hit pause probably 5,000,000 times.
***Built a train track that I knew wouldn't last long without Kobe yelling at Trevor to "stop it", "don't go that way", Trevor is ruining it" etc...Yet there was moments of smiles and playing together....I said MOMENTS!
***Folded the laundry from Monday and did dishes only to see more in the sink minutes later...TWO things you can NEVER be done with.
*** Changed Trevor's bum 1,2,3,4.....times. Thankful we finally have one out of diapers!
***Wrote a letter to one girl we just can't seem to meet up with visiting teaching. Making a hundred of pen correction from the hundred of interruptions from the kiddos.
***Listened to Kobe's hundred of excuses/distractions for not finishing his lunch...
"i have to go check on trevor"...(after going to get him) "i'm going to race back fast"(first 3 attempts weren't fast enough so it repeat tell my head almost popped)
...Then the imagination kicks in and I have to keep guessing what he has folded in his paper...Then he spills his drink not once but three times. You would think it would have only taken once but some how it still had some in it....Then he had to dance to the music that was playing from the computer (I have now moved to the kitchen table to make sure he didn't leave his seat). Needless to say it is amazing how long it takes to eat MINI CORN DOGs!!!
***Colored pictures. You remember when in the Sunday paper they had a fun page and in the color page you had to find the hidden items. I had one printed friend the FRIEND and Kobe didn't quite get it but had fun coloring it after I pointed the items out.
***Hide in a "spider tent" that Kobe built in my room with all the things I had just put away. At least the ghost didn't find us! At first he called it his "train thingamigger"
***Stood up to blog because Trevor wouldn't stop screaming or climbing my legs to get on my lap to push the buttons on the computer. His cheesy smile only melted my heart for split second to helped him to be lifted to my lap only to touch a button in the first two seconds to only be placed back onto the ground!
***Finally headed off to get Trevor in the bathtub after he decided to make his chocolate pudding into his version of chocolate Hair Moose!! ...as I leave Kobe at the table who is STILL trying to finish his 2 Mini corn dogs that apparently make really good "crashin cars". Only to see Trevor snag one on the way to the tub...Some day he'll make Kobe pay up for helping out. What do you do?????

Monday, January 4, 2010

Month of FUN! I love DECEMBER!!!

This past month was game pack as I'm sure all was. I had wanted to take the boys to Temple square to see the lights. Lucky for us, the Hawkes family was going and invited all to join.
After arranging my shifts to be covered WE WERE IN!!! A memorable trip it was. We decided to leave our vehicle at Little America and ride the Track to the square. I was a little hesitant having a stroller and fitting. Long story short....Missed Track because we didn't fit threw the doors...only to find we "should" be able to fit in the front or back doors. We ended up WALKING all the way there. #1= It was freezing cold!
#2= it wasn't a short walk #3 our plan to eat before didn't happen #4 starving kids...
So by the time we met up and the plan to eat before fell through we decided to just walk around.

Who new it was almost 900pm Kobe started to cry that he was cold (no doubt that he was), we we round to the visitor building excited to see the Christ statue only to hear on the loud speaker "please start exiting...the building will be closed in 5mins!!!"
NO STATUE....only time to thaw out your nose to only let the icicle turn to running bugger rivers!AWESOME! so we thought we would see the manger seen, but then once again...the spotlights would come on but NO SOUND! AWESOME! By this time Kobe was starting to cry hysterical saying "I'M COLD AND HUNGRY. I WANT WATER" I think his little brain was frozen. Well we were the party bums and said we were cutting the fun short and heading back to the hotel and getting some grub. Both Boys cried all the way to Carl's jr. (lucky only 3-4 blocks away)at which were we hadn't realized how frozen Trevor's hands were and Kobe never made it the eating point only collapse on the bench and fell asleep!

The best part was we ready and knowledgeable to ride the Track back and so when it pulled up we pushed the button the open the back doors and NOTHING! the mamn inside was trying to open it from the inside and NOTHING! needless to say I letchure Jason for at least not getting on with Trevor because Jeff couldn't make it Maelin (we would walk together back and at least one kid wouldn't be frozen) Jason then preceded to inform me Jeff got on and I would have walked back ALONE! OH! So we walked back AGAIN! only this time my stomach was upset! AWESOME!!

So the next morning we made our own version of the Little America breakfast....Waffles, eggs, ham, fruit, cereal, donuts, plain or chocolate milk....and wonderful company! Swimming, Kobe suddeenly discovered his independence. He was just swimming around and jumping in like a fish and Trevor loved the water once da mama was holding him. After swimming, we headed out and had a BLAST at gateway Discovery CENTER!!
We were smart this time to DRIVE while everyone else rode the train again!

We redeem our selves with looking at christmas lights by heading out to the South hills. I swear they had more lights this year. A warm night with tons of people. Trevor wasn't getting any closer to Santa and Kobe couldn't get enough. We went around at least twice!

A new tradition for our family and one only to be improved next year!
and an old tradition (candle light dinner) we enjoyed with some friends! Thanks Julie for joining in on our craziness!

Christmas eve was at the jones with GG and PAPA and the rest of that side of the family. Then we headed back home to were we told Santa we would be. Christmas morning was soooo fun. Kobe would say to everything "IIIIIII lllllove it!" (it did crack me when he open a box of cereal With the REAL present INSIDE he said "Mom we got new cereal....I love it"
Trevor on the other hand was hard to convince to move onto the next present. He would have been excited the the first present....A cell phone! It was a funnnnnnn and memorable Christmas. I was glad to finally be finished with j's levi blanket (which Kobe one night decided to wisper ever so quietly to Jason "Mom made you a cool blanket for christmas...he was soo cute about that all we could do was bust up laughing) and GG pillow, but I was happy with how they turned out.

J surprised me with a get away on Sunday just the two of us. Thanks grandma and pa for watching the boys. Jason was even clever to bring long our toaster and some pizza's so we would have to go out to dinner on SUNDAY! We had a nice trip over to see my sweat cuz LISA and ger family. I wish the boys could have played with her boys but the time alone was NICE!! Monday we went shopping (this was part of my belated birthday spending) and lunch at OLive garden and we were back in time to go bowling for Mason' birthday!!

We even got some time to play in the snow for a bit with some friends. I loved having Jason home for almost 2 weeks!!

The usually new year with the Beck' (great company, food and fireworks) was replaced with a DAY ON THE JOB! what's better then ringing in the new year at work?? But my sweet hunny had his parents came down and Brother-in-law and Sister came over just in case I got an "on call". YEAHHHH for me because I DID! I was home by 7:30 with plenty of time to play games, eat snacks and enjoy family time! Although I almost missed the ringing in the new years cause I had a date with "Jon". But I came running into the room just as they said ....1....Happy New Year!!! Fewwww that would have been a sad beginning to the new year :) We have had so much fun. It said that Jason had to go back to work...I was starting to enjoy things....We are excited for the new year and can't wait for the suprises it holds!!!! Happy New Year!!!