Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tee Up

After loving to coach baseball for the city of Poky for 5 years and after realizing my 4yr old hangs out with just his mom all day long   needed some lessons in socializing 101, I came to the conclusion  Kobe needed to play tee ball this summer. In Twin, apprently you have to be graduating from kindergarten to play tee ball. Well with a birthday on Sept. 21...calculation would mean he would have to wait  2 more summers tell he could even  play.....hummmm . So What does coaching really have to do with it?....well after coaching and seeing the variety of "talent" among tee ball player,s I thought Kobe would blend in just fine. Afterall how many dandelions can there be in a field?

after the first game against "not so much the little league allstars team" as it was the coach thinking he was running major leaguers....I started to have second thoughts! Its hard to be a sports fanatic and watch someone else coach or more like stand there watching and not coaching. Up to bat,  Kobe would hit the ball then suddenly became a spector. After the 20th "KOBE RUN!" it would register and out he would be. The game ended with Kobe finally making it to second and on the way to third when the shortstop on accident knocked him flat. one did anything so  I ran and picked up poor devasted, crying Kobe and carried him to third, piggy backed him to home plate the next play, so he could finish the game. He couldn't even do the cheer at the end, NOT THAT HE EVEN KNEW WHAT THAT WAS. He just cried, his stomach hurt. Even the all important treats didn't phase him. So much for a good idea.

he started off look'n good.

liitle slugger

buddy Ryker

After one practice of teaching the team HOW TO PLAY it was amazing how the whole team did much better! Kobe started smiling and having fun. He is so coachable and I love seeing him improve. He is such a little man out there.  He has had some great family support...and they have enjoyed the giggles and excuse to visit!
KOBE telling Jason What his next move is...

first time playing catcher