Thursday, April 14, 2011

why play catch up when you have creativity!!

So i keep looking at my outdated blog....sure i could update and really i would like to, but then again.....TIME?

Today i left my sweet incent Trevor in his room with specicfic instructions.....ONLY ON THIS TABLE!!!!

i left to get ready and thought tha was a good idea. let him doodle on the lightening mcqueen table that ereasable...right?

Seconds later my second son showed me he too has creativity running through his veins. How could you not laugh? At least it wasn't permanat and it wasn't on the furniture. although the red hasn't quite came off yet...

Then there's Kobe the Rebellion (He knows better)....after the fact he wrote on his "hands" , not wanting to miss out on the fun/attention Trevor got or :) 

I love my boys!!!