Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well Christmas turned out great despite the flawed Christmas ideas. We were needing a picture of the boys together. I don't know how many times we have tried to get a good one, but I think Kobe now HATES pictures. Kobe if you smile "Just once" (we all know that's a lie)then you can....watch a movie, have candy, stay up late (it's already 1030 at night), you see "the boys" (duh mom I know we're already planning on going)...and many more bribes that shouldn't been written :) Well despite the tears, funny faces, and sudden obsession with having a foot in the picture, we did get some pictures. When I went to pick up the pictures the first thing Kobe said was "Kobe naughty." Ohhhhh wonderful memories.

Well despite the Grumbling fact that I headed back to work the week of Christmas, there were some cherished memories over the Christmas... giving My mom a present half-way done (don't even get me started), Kobe's new diagnosis of hypothyroidism (we didn't know this until we found he had gotten into some of PAPA's pills) CAN I SAY FREAK US OUT, luckily after counting over 300 pills mixed with aspirin we believe he didn't take any, YES I did call poison control just to see what they would say. Which brings me to my next favored memory...Jason being prompted to go Check on him and LISTENED. It was great to have GG and PAPA back from Arizona. Kobe had a blast making a CHOO CHOO train with Aunt Megan (your the best. Then my sista MEl had a special Christmas ending to the night followed by a share of traditions from my mom. Each family got a special book and read it together and got blankets to wrap our baby Jesus in a manger.(how many people can say they have a live size manger and baby Jesus.OHHH you would be jealous if you say it. We were so happy to have Grandpa joe and Grandma Gwen with us. They even followed us home in the poor weather (we debated which of the worst to take. I think after seeing Santa somewhere in a huge snow bank stuck, we decided to go the other way which took us arriving at 1 AM. Fun was had by all. I even ended up coming home on-call the last half of work. Although it took me 2 hours to finish charting before I could leave. ALL in ALL what wonderful blessings and memories. we hope you all had a great CHRISTmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Bells are ringing...."You're running out of time!"

My favorite cuz Lisa Rae had a cute, fun tag for the holidays. With the snow, it really seems like Christmas is near. Only a few more rushing days of shopping left.
I love that i have a million things to do, showering included,and i'm sitting here filling out this tag. But heck, what is another few minutes isn't going to make a difference with my stinky toes, wrinkly pjs, matted hair, dishes piled up in the sink and a tissue up my nose to make it so it doesn't run away while I blog :) Hey at least my kids have had breakfast and their baths.......

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Wrapping paper, and Santa's gifts happen to all come wrapped in the same Red paper.
2. Real tree or Artificial?
I would like to have a real tree, but I like are Artificial tree. I just have a pine candle going so it can trick me into thinking it's real :)
3. When do you put up the tree?
Sometime following Thanksgiving, usually a family home evening activity.
4. When do you take the tree down?
It depends on when Jason is in a "clean up, move it out mood". some years we enjoy longer than other years. We love to have sleepovers out by the tree, so that is why we have a hard time putting it away.
5. Do you like eggnog?
You mean there are people who do?
6. Favorite gift received as a child?
I loved when we had opened all our gifts and mom and dad would surprise us with a big gift. sometimes it was a family gift. I remember getting my "hot shot" basketball hoop. Although one year my mom made a quilt with all of my old t-shirts that i couldn't part with (i know you all have some) and pictures on it. Way cool!I loved my desk and stereo I got. There are so many gifts i got and loves. Couple of years ago my parents took our family on a Polar Express Train ride in utah....it was of course my mothers spoil us version which was a hit. I wish I would have had kobe. he loves trains.
7. Hardest person to buy for?
Some siblings, or Aunts/Uncle on Jason's side of the family. huh still trying to figure that one out.
8. Easiest person to buy for?
Easiest and most FUN Kobe for sure!!! But in reality I could buy my boys a million things.
9. Do you have a nativity scene?
Not sure how many I have, but there are quite a few. I have one that even plays the story. Thanks to my mom. Kobe likes playing with my "stuffed/soft" one.
10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
I love making Christmas Cards...I haven't accomplished that this year. long Story!
11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
I once got a sweatshirt that was a XXXL. I knew it probably wasn't bought for me, or at least I HOPE it wasn't, but I guess it was the thought right?
12. Favorite Christmas Movie?
I love them all. I always watch The Santa Claus and The Christmas Box over and over because they are the only two Christmas movies I own. But I do watch "While you were sleeping" a million times over this time of the year. Because it is took place around Christmas I totally count it as a Christmas show :)
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
If I know who we "have" it may start in October. But, time usually catches up to me two days before Christmas.
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
Hummmmmm hummmmm, I once got this "Love making" book as a white elephant gift from a roommate in college (she must have thought I needed it for my upcoming wedding night :). Of course I couldn't wait to give it back to her at her shower :)
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
It's not as much about the food as it is the company. I do love Jones' special K. I do have cravings for the peppermint ice cream in a cup with a little bit of milk mixed in!!
16. Lights on the tree?
I love lots of lights and i'm picky about how they are put on. That was one thing Jason learned quick. My dad does it this way...He has to admit it looks good, but takes a little longer. Not too much of a fan of multi-colored lights.
17. Favorite Christmas song?
I love any song I can get my hands on. We love singing one every night before prayer.
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
This year we decided to have christmas at our home. In August, I already called for my parents. Plenty of time to beat my siblings hee hee. And you bet I kept reminding her. So if we are lucky, they'll be here for christmas. But of course there will be trips to burley/rupert the night before and after. I do work christmas this year. bummer!
19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's?
If there are nine, i can.
20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
I have a beautiful white angel with optical lights. she WAS black (no offense but I couldn't picture that angel on my tree) so my mother-in-law painted her face and hair blond for me. It was only this year that Jason finally figured how to stick her on top of the tree WITHOUT cuss'n. It didn't quite set the mood when words would spill out as an angel is being placed :)
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
I always wanted to open one the night before ,like the exchange gift, but then later thought that made it for less the next day. I know, I know...
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Not enough houses with lights.
23. Favorite ornament theme or color?
We have had a different theme for the past 6 years. But this year budget it ringing our necks, so its a good thing we have had such a variety that we would could mix and match this year. Although, I already know what I want for next years tree. That way maybe if i see the ornaments and can get them on super sales after Christmas. I did like the year we had red and black. With black and white pictures of the family! I'm more into having 2 trees. A "nice" tree and a "fun" tree for the boys.
24. Favorite time for Christmas dinner?
Anytime we can make...all day long...
25. What do you want for Christmas this year?
boy my list is endless...but the material things usually are placed on some random shelf in the store and left out of guilt. what I really want is....to be able buy anything I want for my family despite the cost and to be able to stay home with my boys and have a perfect relationship with my husband and Heavenly Father.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Your tagged...Kim M., Woods, Jodi B.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Time

Trevor finally got to meet his Aunt Tosha and Cuz Madison. We were excited to have them home from Las Vegas. Kobe loved playing with Madison, even if it seemed she had more stealing toys from Kobe to get him to chase her.
So what a better way to spend time them and the whole fam then on Temple Square. Kobe totally loved the lights and Nativity scene. He said later "more Temple." We got home at 130 a.m. but it was all worth it.

my mom's the bomb

So this year it was my parents' turn to have us at her house for Thanksgiving. She really lucked out on having everyone there this year. LUCKYYYYY....We'll she really out did herself. everyone and I mean everyone (little kids and all) ate on her best CHINA and glasses. Can you say SHATTER!!! Either she is getting older AND has lost her mind or she is the coolest grandma ever, making everyone feel special. Never failing, the table was beautifully decorated. This year there was even a table set up in the living room to make room for everyone, including extended family. But the thing that made things special was the eight DIFFERENT Thanksgiving cross stitched pillows. SOOOO CUTE.

Because they were a hit, I may have been the first one there, but was one of the last to choose. Good thing they were ALL CUTE and priceless. You could tell she had done tons of work on them. Then we had to place a leaf on the garland with something written of what we were thankful for.

Of course, because we were all there we had to have pictures.

The one pictured is one with my bros and sistas.

We had one with all the grand kids. Kobe was such a Great sport, I had to hold his resentful crying face up and hide behind him just to get him in the picture.Some times he takes after the JONES BOYS! OF course, We had to have a picture with TOM the TURKEY.
Because we came the night before for a sleep over Kobe tried to help Grandma with the pies!!!Sooo...he ate more then he rolled but I think he has potential to be a future chef.
I'm so thankful we were all able to be together. the Food was fabtabulous and there was only on spilled drink on the nice table cloth. Leave it up to an ADULT :) My mom is truly the best. She makes things so memorable and always goes the extra. Did I mention my dad is great too :) Nothing is better in the world then family and knowing we can be together forever!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Quirky TAG...

TAGGED form Kali Jo- 6 QUIRKS ABOUT ME ....
Maybe this isn't a good idea...:) There could be too many and then after I won't stop...

1. I hate the fact that I want Jason to stay up with Trevor so I can nap/Sleep at night, yet I lay there listening to the baby cry and think I might as well take care of him if I'm just going to stay awake and listen. Why can't I fall asleep like Jas does so easily. GRRRR...."Just let him do it" I keep thinking or "Go get him."
2. I hate calling or talking on the phone. (More calling) I don't know what it is, but my mom said I should get over it. I just would rather text or talk in person.
3. I still hate jewlery. Yes I wear my wedding ring, but I can't think about it or take it off. It's something about holding it in my hand that I just Kringe. I did get my ears pierced in 2nd grade (when I thought I was over it). But this only lasted 2 days and those dang holes are still there. Maybe being a tom boy growing up and wanting to be a "boy" scout had something to do with it.
4. I just love baby and kid clothes. I would buy my kids a million things if I could.
5. I have a thing about keeping my nose clean. I hate a dirty nose.
6. I'm against Day care. No offense to those that take their kids, but I just have this thing were I think "I'm the mom so I should be watching MY kids." It's a guilt thing. I hate/feel horrrible when I have to find someone to watch my kids when I work. I don't mind if it's a friend or family memeber who wathes them. And I have to drop them off at the lastest time possible and I rush to pick them up. I will drive an hour away, just before I have to work, just so they can be at least with "family".
I tag....Shantala, Audra/Woodsie,Sara Kemper

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged....who's next...

Tag #1: it's Funny the way you remember and perceive things.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN MARRIED? 6yrs and 9 months--wow!! seems long
HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? partial blind date (i had at least seen pictures of him) Right when he came back from Mission in Chile in the end of June. I told him I didn't want to be engaged until December, but he suprised me the last day in November only because his original idea wouldn't work because I was going to Salt Lake to Sara Young's wedding. The whole dating period was Quite Interesting to say the least. Jason may prefer to forget part of it :) Married 2/22/02 at 2:00. Can't forget that one!!!
HOW OLD IS HE? 28, we are same age for four months.
WHO CAN SING BEST? Well I think we sing ok together, but then Family home evening proves otherwise. but kobe loves me to sing to him no mater how poor it is. "More Song" he says.
WHO IS SMARTER? Well i did graduate from college before him, which may not say anything. It depends on the subject. some area I can't even compare to him.
WHO DOES LAUNDRY? Mostly me, but he does help with the washing, but not so much with the putting things away. But who likes doing that?
WHO PAYS BILLS? It started off me mostly, but once the kids come I swear I don't pay attention to anything else. every once in a while I will check things out and see what needs paid and do it. i have learned some from him i this area. I think he prefers I don;t look at the bills cause the couple of times I lectured him on how much extra he cost us for texting. But, i'm sure other times he wished I paid more attention to when things are due so they get out on time.
WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? I do. We switched a couple of nights for kicks so Kobe would come in and wake HIM up during the night. It worked for one night, but then he figured out i was on the other side, so Jason wanted to switch back. I did manage not to get woke up for one night though.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? We just barely got a lawn and we got a lawn mower from family so I haven't learned how this one works yet. Plus I was almost 9 moths prego and just had the baby. He finds a little pride in having his own lawn now and likes mowing...I'm sure this will wear off, but I really don't mind.
WHO COOKS DINNER? Jason is an AWESOME cook. I have a tendecy to cook "normal" stuff and he cooks something interesting and new. I hate to try new things and he loves it! but if he cooks, usually I still clean up. Although he has gotten better. I clean as I go.
WHO'S THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? We have gotten better, but still we each would say we were.
WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? I remember our first hug (cheesy i know) only because I thought "that was akward". I didn't hugs could be? I believe he said he loved me first course he remembers me saying "I'm in-love with you" first. I thought the was met in the middle, but he remembers not even going there until "I had made up my mind" so he said I kissed him first, but i'm sure it didn't take long to meet my lips.:-)
WHO WEARS THE PANTS? In the end, Jason usually does.I would like to think I'm in the pocket somewhere.

TAG #2: 4th pic in 4th file and explain...
This was Kobe's first Christmas with us. We took this picture to mogpog on a snowman shovel we painted for the grandparents for the holiday.

Not sure how many to tag...but I tag: Kim, Lisa Rae, and Chad Barker (Chad -I would like a wife version though so I can get to know her :)(not sure who has/hasn't done it)PLEASE SO BOTH TAGS!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

One Fun and Special Weekend

Halloween finally came and Kobe was so excited to finally dress up as a scary dragon. He was dressed up long before we took off the Burley. He could scare anyone with his dragon growl (or at least that is the sound we taught him). If you could look past the wedgie it gave him when he put the "head"on, it fit him perfect :) Trevor was a very cute cookie monster. We had fun at our ward party on Thursday. Kobe loved following the kids around the circle in the "ghost walk", but when the music stopped he just kept going. He didn't quite get it, that is until the one and only time he stopped on a picture and WON! Friday we went to the Hawkes' ward party with Sheppenhalls and Grandma Gwen. It was fun, except for now I was enjoying having an infected tooth and supersized combo headache to go with it that all started up late Thursday night. I guess I got the TRICK while everyone else enjoyed the TREATS. Pain meds were like candy! thanks to family i got part of it fix on Saturday by a nice dentist who made a special trip to his office, so I could semi-enjoy Sunday. Kobe had a great time passing out Grandma's trick-or-treating candy to the family around the room. Smart little wippersnapper some how could remember who had certain kinds of candy. He would pull out a Milky Way and say "Megan" and take it over to her, "snickers" were "Ryan"s. etc...Then he and his cousin Kendra (abt same age) would dump candy and the floor. She would then hand the candy to him and he would put it in the bucket. they did this a million times over. We all just enjoyed watching and laughing. It was fun to play with his other cousins.
Sunday was special. All the family came to Twin for Trevor's Blessing. Jason did a great job. We got some pictures after at our house, but luckily my battery DIED and poor Trevor was hungry, which put up a red flag for the pictures. Bummer! But the company and food was great in celebration. My mom added her special touch with a bootanier(sp), which had a piece of my wedding veil and leaves/flowers from my wedding bouquet. His shoes were too cute. She made the sweetest white blessing blanket, burp cloth AND car seat cover. She really went out of her way to make things special. YOU'RE THE BEST MOM!!!! It was great to have such great family support. GG and Papa were great to stay for blessing before they took off for Arizona. Jason and I were a great team staying up the night before till almost 1:00 trying to get food ready. I love my sweetheart and I'm so grateful for him and how he honors his priesthood. What a blessing and a great ending to a weekend!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Penny (or a million dollars) for your thoughts"

SO in four weeks I have learned some things and laughed at other times...it's funny what goes through my head now that I have more/less time on my hands:

#1: I can't get over how nervous I was the first time I had a baby...I wouldn't take a shower till Jason got home cause I was afraid to leave the baby. Now I just put Trevor in the swing and put him in the bathroom with me (for protection purposes from older brother who thinks he can pick him up), while Kobe watches a movie. I've also learned that Kobe's hair grows way too fast. This was before I cut it. Funny moments...Now Kobe says "Hubba Hubba" When we jump in the shower or at bath time. He is so cute when he says it, apparently he picked this up from me when he just had to run in the living room prior to Jason giving him a bath,to let me know of the obvious:)

#2: I think we have a lot of dust in our house because Kobe has buggers all the time and not the ones with cheese and pickles and Trevor sounds stuffy every night? Random, I know. Kobe is not my baby anymore...and is growing up too fast, sort of
#3: how did I not get more done when I just had Kobe. I seem to get just as much done and I have to feed every two hours (yes mom, I know you what you think...3hrs will be great AT SOME POINT)

#4: I have drawn more than 100 pumpkins for Kobe. He loves halloween this year thanks to my mom. You should see the two together, it hillarious. He has two Halloween books he reads ALL the time and enjoys "re"decorating the house and singing "witches sailing threw the sky." His new thing is "kunkin". Everyone is finding it funny when they start calling "pumpkins" => "kunkins." Even the color orange has been changed to "kunkin." Here are some pics at a pumpkin patch and hay ride we went to with one of his little buddies. FUNNY: For some reason he started "licking" the pumpkins in the field.

#5:Trevor is looking less like Kobe (sorry Jones watch out Becks :) but I have all too remembered what it's like to have no sleep, a gassy baby, and a great attitude about the lack of help (at least it seems that way :)But I do love it when they snuggle and I can't seem to get enough of kissing his cute soft cheeks. Thanks Mel for the glow-in-the-dark skeleton onesie.

#6: I forgot about the spontaneous fountain Trevor gets me with. I remembered though that if I stick a wet wipe over the "fountain of youth" I avoid getting bulls eyed and Trevor doesn't get Puddles" in his eyes (ahh...i hate it when that happens).

#7: I forgot how people are just drawn to babies. We were in church for 1st time after having trevor and this lady in front of us turned around and said "I just have to hold that baby" Jason smiled and thought she was just making a comment (We didn't even know her). Then after a while she turned around to me and said "Can I hold your baby?" I was like ahh..I guess. Jason's friend was sitting by us (his family was visiting because we got a new bishopbric) and said, "that's my mom by the way". There have been times when in the store people just stop and stare. We were at the doctors office and a little girl just comes up and starts "petting" him. Got to love new babies. They have sooo many people wrapped around their finger.

#8: I learned I can bribe Kobe to stay in bed for naps and at night time if I tell him Grandma is coming or we'll go see the "boys". Of course this only works so long when those things can actually happen, when he doesn't see Trevor sleeping with me or when his "eye" teeth AREN"T coming in!!!! (got to love the timing on those)
#9: Last comment...I learned I REALLY LOVE DQ CAKES (ok, I already knew that). I seem to come up with an excuse to have one when ever I can..."but honey we need to celebrate...a new house, a new baby, it's my birthday" Bless Jason's heart. He did surprise me with one when Trevor was home. Good points for him!!!

#10: ok one more ...I learned I really love the Rupert craft fair. Such cute things to buy, family to hang out with (thanks mom and CeLes), wonderful smells, friends you see, and time out of the house (thank goodness for packs so Trevor could snuggle next to me, so we could be out longer).

I just love my boys!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Much for the "PLANNED" part...and worries...Ready or NOT "I'm HERE!"

So my plan...Go to work Sat, Sun, Mon. Break Tuesday (Rest up...heehee). Wednesday Little man coming to town. Well.....Not exactly how things went down and I was stressed about the mix up. I think either Heavenly Father had a different plan or...Ya, he had a different plan. Saturday night at work actually went smooth and to my surprise the charge nurse asked if I wanted to go home on-call. They were a little over staffed at 7pm. I was thinking I could use the money, but at this point it would be nice. I had been having "what I was pretty sure" were contraction's off and on for couple of days. (last time I didn't do anything, before being induced and I guess i'm not as in tune with myself when caring for other people). So what ended up being a 8+ hour shift came a screeching halt at 4.5 hrs. If any knows anything about nursing 4 hrs can be crazy especially with a post-op only an hour towards the end of shift. But I was actually impressed. I had everyone settled for the most part and my my post-op/all orders noted (all the headache) and my charting was all caught up!!!!Ya big deal...no actually even I was impressed. The nurse coming on was of course happy, but during report my "stomach kept hurting", or is it contraction's the nurse asked? Denial wasn't working in my favor but I kept telling myself that it wasn't a big deal. So home I went just in time to eat some spaghetti with my boys. Well it was at that point when Jason said are you all right? (apparently my pausing in between wolfing down dinner was obvious). I said I think I should start timing and see how much time is in between these babies. 5-7 MINS Huh??? That could be a problem. So after calling my wise friend and "NOW WHAT" advise, you would think I had never had a baby before. She suggested sitting down and timing them for the next half hour(at home). To make a long story short... I followed "Kim's advise" =take a shower and shaved my legs and tried to relax. truly my thoughts were maybe they will go away. NOPE, so we decided we might as well go check things out. Finally a little after 10pm we said prayers with Kobe got some things packed "just in case" and put Kobe to bed as Tiki and Jacob came over, off we went!
We snuck in through the nurses entrance in the back way and walked up the stairs (which jason said if you can take the stairs, i'm not so sure we need to be here, but we just laughed). After getting settled they check to see if I was dilated and sure enough I wasn't really surprised to see I was a "2." my contractions were 5-6 mins apart. Wow 2 more than I was with Kobe. So the IV was started (after 6 pokes-so much for "my good veins"-they were nervous too). DID I MENTION I WAS ON-CALL!!! Kinda funny, I'm sure when the PCC found out that the nurse she sent home on-call was admitted to labor and delivery that was cut short. DARN there goes MY $2. It happened to be that Dr. Allen, after all, would be doing the C-section anyway. Well, he said lets get this ball rolling, no need to be having contractions when this is scheduled!!!!THANK YOU! The anesthesiologist that I had just talked to on the floor about how nervous I was for Wednesday couldn't helped but crack a smile when he saw me 2 hrs later. The spinal wasn't too bad. Still had the shakes and some nausea, which I'm sure couldn't have been the spaghetti I had a couple of hours earlier :) With Jason dressed by my side, Sunday at 12:45 am, Our little boy came into this world!!!!!Making our boys 2 yrs and one week apart!Weighing: 7 lbs Height: 19 in long. quite a little a bit smaller then Kobe.

Things went "ok", but we were ready to go home so after hearing some lectures from the family we were still ready to go home Monday!!! The only complications that stood in the way were...THE NAME???? and the fact that he ended up having a VSD. Ventricular septal defect...aka hole (murmur). So he had an echo done, and some other things, but luckily after a prayer and some waiting we found that things will hopefully heal with time. Luckily he was asymptomatic...but it is something we need to keep an eye on for the next days/yr.

With a deep breath we finally took TREVOR DREW JONES home. He is the most precious boy. After being home for all of 30 mins., we ran to Burley to get Kobe. There is something about having my boys all home with me. Kobe had been great and loves to give Trevor kisses. He says "cool baby". He can even say baby Trevor. So here are some pictures. We really appreciate family helping out on such short notice (Tiki and Jacob your great)and all the visits at the hospital and phone calls. Boy did we have a lot of friends and family show their love!!! You are the best!!

I just love being a mom and I love and adore my husband who has been so great and supportive!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Boy, you would think you would know when the baby is coming when you have a planned C-section. I have been preparing to go to the hospital Wednesday at 730 a.m. until I get a call Tuesday to let me know of a time change. When we scheduled our appointment I was first on the list so far and knew I would be bump to a later time, if other situations arise. So my last couple appointments I have made sure I was meeting with Dr. Smith (who did the surgery last time, and is my doctor of choice). I am excited because we have things all worked out so family is watching Kobe the days we are in the hospital and Jason has gotten the work off. If I can just get threw Saturday, Sunday, Monday of work, I have Tuesday to rest (haha) and get the last little things to wrap up.......
My surprised phone call came today to inform me that my C-section time would be MONDAY AT 1100.....AGHHHHHH MONDAY?!!! Course I called tight back and informed her I was told Wednesday 730 with Dr. SMith and Allen would be assisting. Boy was I missed informed. She said who told you that? I MADE IT UP???? "The person that scheduled the surgeries!" Well Smith is only there Monday and a PA would be assisting and there was no openings on Tuesday, and Wednesday I would have to be add-on with Dr. Allen and Crandall assisting. TOTALLY NOT THE SAME INFORMATION! Did I mention I have never seen Dr. Crandall during this pregnancy and I have only seen Dr. Allen a total of 2 times between BOTH pregnancy and for a total of 5 mins. So I was pretty happy!?*@
Tears were more like it. So I had a short time to decide what to do. If during my last 5 appointments someone would have corrected me when I said my appointment was on October with a totally different group of man I could have planned better. Like scheduled my appointments with them so they could at least have an idea who am or how things had been going or I could have made arrangements to actually have MY doctor since it has been scheduled some time. So do I scramble to make arrangements to change it to Monday and hope I don't get off at 2AM from work the morning I am to be back in to have this little guy, not to mention jason and his work...
Well I have to say I have a supportive husband that said, "If you want to have your doctor then we can make it work...don't worry we have lots of family...and ...." 100% supportive either way! But would I really want to change everything, or suck it up and hope these guys will do a great job and stick to the mixed up plan?
Can't I just have plan A!!!!5 days before the baby comes...is not fun timing to have a change of plans.
So plan "C", wednesday, I guess, GRRRR. Yet, I do have to laugh...watch I go into labor and have it Monday anyway! BABIES....So unpredictable even if there to be planned C-sections!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"2" Fun of a Party

The fun thing about a house is that you can actually start having parties at your home. For the first time we didn't have to travel to Burley, family came here!!
Kobe turned TWO!!! Wow it's weird to think about having a two-year-old and not to mention another little one on the way. If you haven't gotten the Leap Frog alphabet movie, I highly recommend it. (Or I should say My OB doctor actually did.) Between the movie, that Kobe just loves, and the alphabet set on the fridge, he can not only say the sounds of letters but knows recognition. It just blows me away. So it didn't take me long to think of a theme for a party.
Kobe's "ABC" birthday invitations went for his party for Sunday. Thanks family for the great turn out!!! We were suprised by the great turn out and full house. With different letters handing around the house, a "K" birthday cake for Kobe, alphabet letters cut out in cookies for the kids to decorate, a balloon fight in the living room, it made for a crazy gathering of fun.
It wasn't until after cake and icecream and opening presents and some of the kids heading outside to play in the backyard that poor papa could actually hear himself talking :) Kobe thought it was great playing with his cousins and family.
He even actually had fun opening presents this time (at least I think..one thing about hosting is I was in the kitchen dishing out dessert with my mom during the opening of presents). Thanks to Uncle Jeffery filming, I'll be able to see it.
Wow he did get spoiled by all, both in gifts and attention. We really appreciate everyone for coming and making it so much fun for him. It's alway fun to have family time with everyone!!!
(Kobe and Jason having fun with coloring/finger paints after the party. Not sure who had more fun :)