Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wow... thats all i can say

Flaky Family Reunion

As Im feeding Brock thinking I have 5 mins to blog...His rooty tooty toot toot reminds me it will be only 2 mins.  So ive decided to post my favorite pictures / moments  over the past 3 months...



trevor wishing he could go to preschool with kobe

scrapboook expo usa...as usual leave @ night sleep in chair in get in line by 3am...new experience for my mother-in-law...i think she might even do it again next year !!!!

fun to find friends at expo


last few days of camping

Wii had  Birthday !!!Kobe turns 5 and Trevor turns 3!

loves to take his own pics

miniture golf 3-D

pickle lover

Brock's first Foods

Halloween 2011

zoo fun

preschool trip

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Kimberlee said...

Ains- I sent you a Christmas card and it got returned. :( I think thats the second year it's happened so I decided before I forget and waste my stamp again next year I should get your real address. Email me: kimberleeunedited at gmail dot com

Love your guts!