Thursday, March 8, 2012

New year, 3 months prrof reading just getter done!

Our new started off by moving into a new ward without moving???!!! Luckily we were able to drag some friends in with us, but a bummer to loose other friends. I loved working in the Young Womens. But as surprised follow i am back into the YW as secretary this time. It's a new experience.

More changes...I'm working full time now and Jason is staying home and back to school on-line! No more worrying about who is going to watch my 3 boys. An adjustment for ALL OF US! Despite a crazy schedule do to my own stupidity and a change to sleeping patterns and back to requesting those darn Wednesdays off :) We are surviving. The boys have been great for the most part about letting my sleeep. Sometimes Trevor says "Mom don't sleep ok" Thankfully those are the days I'm off and say "OK". otherwise trust me little guy when momma needs sleep its in your best favor to let her or she issssss cccccccccccccrankYYYY. A lot of changes that = i don't get a lot of other things blogging. (yet somehow snuck reading the hunger games in there....)

Trevor is still NOT potty train. That darn kid could care less. Sit in his poop/pee you name he is totally happy. We at least got him to take his own diaper off , throw it away and get a new one. SAME DAY....that's what we keep telling ourselves. He likes his underwear dirty and all.

Kobe is having fun with preschool. It gives him a chance to see some friends he misses in our old ward. He acts so grown up. His big things is his "secret recipes" he has been making. He will make someone a wonderful husband someday with his chef skills. Not too bad i must say. Kobe has picked up the concept of "exercise" and started showing me up.

Brock is finally trying to figure out crawling. He started to arm -like crawl, but prefers tot stand next to furniture. he actually has been letting go of me and standing by himself . He started to wave a couple of weeks ago and loves blabbing momma and dadda. He is definitely a momma's boy!!! and love to eat! He gets so made if you sit down to eat without sharing. i have a feeling we wont be buying baby food much longer. He much prefers big kid food and feeding himself.

 Jason and I got to spend a couple of days together for our 10 year anniversary!!! That was nice.

With it snowing on and off we aren't sure what the next day will bring, but we try to enjoy whatever day it is!!! Boy do I need to take more pictures!

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Kimberlee said...

Cutest family of boys EVER! Love your guts.