Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring time!!!! Then again maybe not...

What a Fun Easter we had...Kobe loved drawing on the eggs and even more fun putting the stickers,one can never have too many stickers :)
Easter morning we woke Kobe to tell him the Easter bunny came, for the first time he woke up in a sprint! He couldn't wait to see what was left behind. "Candy....led to the Oh So coveted "Train Track puzzle" next his bunny. Surprising given the fact that he picked out the train track puzzle earlier in the week and then a memory that couldn't stop, every morning he would ask for it. Kobe has been into Joseph Smith lately, so he was totally into the animated movie he got. Trevor on the other hand loved "watching" Kobe and playing with his new friend "penguin." After a great reflection day of church, we went to play at GG and PaPa's to find a bags of Easter goodies hidden around the yard. New comers beware...Yours are always hidden on the roof :)

This week thanks to the nice weather, Jason finally finished Suzy's gate. Now she has the whole side of the house to bark bark bark. Kobe tried to help organize the extra pieces counting every piece to make sure they are all there.

We finally have been able to walk to the park. Kobe just loves it and Trevor thought the new experience was SO EXCITING, yet EXHAUSTING!

Give us a couple of days and I'm sure we'll have snowman pictures!!!:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Birth......Days! Luckyyyyy!

Happy YOU!!!!!!
i was hoping to get to this before some of them were past!

Lisa Rae



Ben Jam'n


We love You!!!!