Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SOLD!!! AND we are up and running!

We have been wanting a playset the day we moved into our house. Jason may say, The kids and I have wanted one, but when Jason saw this playset at costco for the asking price HE WAS THE ONE THAT COULDN'T LET IT GO!!! So thank to my HUBBY's ability to NOT SAY NO....we are finally satisfied!

Grandma/pa came down Friday night to help load the light weight boxes and started assembling. The reviews were great, beside that fact it said it took 12hrs to assemble. With the Idaho weather that means starting in the sun, going through a like snow fall and ending in a drought!

Despite the late night at work, for me, the boys were ready to keep moving bright EYED bushie tail, while we had a nice day ahead. i made some delicious breakfast to get those mighty muscle ready. Jason finally got some good use out of his Christmas present. and Ryan was somehow suckered into coming down and going in on the fun.

Kobe was A WEE BIT scared at first. it looked more scary without it being finished but once it was done.....loook out the BOYS CAN'T WAIT to go outside.

It has already put in some good kid time with have a bunch of munchkins over this past weekend.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hopp'n back a couple of weeks

The boys had a blast at Easter this year. We started by coloring eggs here with the Jones. Kobe saw Trevor biting into an egg that GG peeled, so he decide the crunch into a EGG HARD SHELL AND ALL. His look on his face said it all. I didn't even know you could actually bite threw a shell. THEN AGAIN, I'VE NEVER TRIED~ His poor little tongue did get a cut. Trevor {with the attention span of a 18month old} loved coloring with the crayon FOR 2 SECONDS, then moved onto EATING THE CRAYON, Next he did good coloring them everyone around WAS GETTING COLORED BY THE KURPLUNKS, Finally he was all about "get me down!!!" which his state of mind was quickly changed with the power of STICKERS, FOR 3 SECONDS....which leads to him being content with finally eating one! A little too much at once!

Then we went to Cassia Regional for their egg hunt....that turned into an "INSIDE" egg hunt. Busy crazy, but warm. Then out to grandma Gwen's. Breakfast was delicious. Between the great words of wisdom mom read the Easter walk with the kids and sent them on a scavenger hunt. THEY LOVVVVVVED THIS!!!

Then moved on to make resurrection rolls...also a success! The boys woke up to find the Easter bunny found them. Kobe couldn't believe it!!!!
I was personally upset because my camera kept dying and the video camera....well it wouldn't even TURN ON!

Holidays are so much fun that Kobe talks about them way after the fact. Even today he said something "like on Easter".
Conference was nice. I love the start how Prez. Monson was so Casual and funny. Some of the talks really left an impression on me, others well lets just say they didn't make it to my brain through my ears....I can't wait to read the printed version.

What can we say, other than , WE LOVE FAMILY TIME DURING THE HOLIDAYS!!!!