Saturday, December 29, 2007


So we have discovered this new trend and have heard from so many how fun it is to see pictures and be up on the latest, with friends. So after some coaxing and I thought "Huh, OK blogs could be something fun to start" Jason said "Good,because I have already started one." Although, he swears he will be the one posting because (1) I never get on the computer to check things and (2) I'm horrible about replying to friends and family. So here we go! It has been kind of fun sitting together and trying to figure out how this works.
Quick update: Jason has finished school this semester at C.S.I with an Associate in Business and I finally finished the one semester of classes I needed to receive my Baccalaureate in Nursing from I.S.U. !!! I'm glad I can focus back on family time, no more schooling for me. Jason is in limbo with what his next step will be. Kobe is ONE now (15 months to be accurate)! We have had so much fun seeing him change and discovering everything. He is at a really fun age and loves to wrestle and give hugs and kisses.
We are still in Twin Falls and Jason said that before the next little one comes along, we have to be in a house! But for now, we are cozy and enjoying making our apartment a home.

Daddy's Little Duck Caller

Kobe has already caught on to Jason's hobbies. It cracked us up when one day he found the "calls". I turned around to tell Jason to stop for the hundredth time and found Kobe being the guilty one honking the calls, which got us laughing. I guess sooner or later he'll be beside his dad in the fields hunting.