Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picnic Time

We went with the "Sheppenhalls" for a picnic/Teig's birthday. Their great to have two birthday parties since we missed the one during the week.
We had fun roasting hotdogs, shish-ka-bobs (for poor Melissa :), marshmellows...I'm just excited for nicer weather...that is on the days we get it. Kobe was having a little too much fun and was running full speed down towards to picnic table, on the cement...Before I could grab him and of course he didn't listen to "slow down," he...yep, can you say faceplant? His poor little mouth was bleeding. Good thing little boys can jump back to being crazy.

Fishy Moments

We went with some friends of ours to Balanced Rock fishing. It was the first time Kobe actually went for a hike to fish, which made it tricky for mom and dad. We had to alternate taking turns fishing. Some areas were rocky, but Kobe was finally content on letting us fish in one area were there was a lot of reeds. He just sat there as happy as could be, that is...with his licorice. The day couldn't have been better...good company, cool weather, lots of little fish biting and time with the family!!!

Sister's Reunion

Once a year we get together. Everyother year is spent camping, then hotel hopping. Beggining photos are always important cause you never know what we might do.

This year we went to Idaho Falls. Events included scrapbooking, shoppping, Lillie's, meeting up with Aunt Tereasa and Cuz Lisa, dining, and Getting Our Hair Cut!!! We just pick a salon that looked "ok", so we thought,and made an appointment. Didn't turn out to shabby. Fun, crazy, spontaneous, so not us!!!Melissa was a little more daring with a color too. We just have fun no matter where or what we do, although We do miss the sisters that are unable to make it!!