Friday, June 20, 2008

Not that I was meaning to post a million things but these are some things new happening in the fam...
#1 My sis, Melissa, finally had her little girl. Maelin Jolie. Cute as a button!
Which means my maternity wardrobe increased, Thanks Mel.
#2 Kobe tried corn on the cob for first time. Not that anyone else would care, but it was rather funny watching him try to eat it from the ends. I think he
licked more butter then ate bites.

#3 Tosha, Caleb, and Madison (Jason's sister) finally moved to Las Vegas for his schooling. It's a bummer that we won't be able to see them much, especially Madison being Kobe's only cousin on the Jones' side. But we wish them the best of luck in there new start. We'll have to keep in touch with picture and of course we'll have to go visit. They suggested waiting till it's cooler...ha ha
#4 WE are actually looking at houses. Our realtor has been very patient and showed us a more houses then I'm sure he wanted to. Boy I hate making these grown-up decisions. I would much rather make the decision whether I should watch "So you think you could dance" today or record it and go fishing and watch it tomorrow without commercials. Those are easy answers. It's just scary and permanent. I wish we could test houses by living in them for a week or two and then decide whether or not it would work out best. It's like a sale, you wonder if there's a better deal out there that you don't want to miss out on that "fits" better. Then there is reality... Money, otherwise known as the "budget"/lack of money,and my indecisiveness. I still wish we could move closer to family, but job wise it wouldn't work, although it would solve a lot of other stresses. Wishful thinking, but not happening...sorry Fam. Thanks mom for coming and looking!!!

So we made our second atempt to go fishing with our friends. I had fun sitting watching Jason take his turn fishing while Kobe sat on my lap and a had a blast throwing rocks into the water. Apparently this was a rare apportunity to go fishing at Silver Creek at this particular time. Jason thought it was cool being there during the "hatch," despite the fact that we didn't catch anything. His buddy did managed to catch 4 or 5 brown trout. I just had fun watching the fish jump to get my fly, only to forget to set the hook.

Jason still managed to walk out of the trail with a smile on his face, wet shorts, and squishy wet shoes (should have put on waders like he thought). Kobe is quite the explorer, which makes things all that more interesting/frustrating. If one doesn't have an eye on him 24/7 he would have been swimming with the fish and probably been in heaven loving it, that is until he found out it was cold. Who am I kidding, he's a Boy, the cold water wouldn't stop him.

Getting Together

It so nice when you get to see friends. Kobe got to see his girlfriend a couple of weekends back. It always great to see the "Woods." Thanks for being great friends to call when your in our parent's neighborhood. Usually it works out that we can to zoom the Burley when your in town. It's so fun to see how they have each grown! What a blue-eyed cutie she is!

Wii.....for Father's Day!!!

So Jason thought it would be fun to borrow his parent's "Wii" for Father's day and take it over to my parent's house! I have to say it was a huge hit and quite funny to watch my parents box each other. I missed that picture :( but got some others. Nothing quite captures the moment as being there and hearing what was said, but pictures bring back the giggles. Kobe even tried bowling, great form but of course he doesn't get the buttons. What a great Fathers's Day weekend!