Thursday, January 22, 2009

"never too old or young for that matter"

Boy oh Boy. I have been enjoying the boys so much lately. Kobe is getting so big and Trevor is not a little guy anymore. It's fun to see what Trevor is able to do now. He talks so much and has accomplished the rolling over for some time now. Jason calls him "smooth." He lifts his little head so high and then just glides either way awaiting your reaction. Kobe loved to say "again, again." Now is the challenge of should we put him in his own room in the crib? This wouldn't be such a hard decision if I didn't have to actually think about where his room was in the middle of the night to feed him :)The fact is it's just easier to take a few steps and get him. I'm sure he won't mind sleeping in our room till he's 10. I'm sure they have extenders for the bassinet. On the other hand, Kobe hasn't been going to bed so "great" for the lack of a "better word" Jason would prefer to use. So the idea of having a room with screaming kid next to the other room with a whimpering kid (that would be Trevor wishing Kobe would just GO TO BED)just sounds like a fabulous idea right now. So for now, Trevor ain't go'in no where. We have been trying to put Trevor in his crib for naps. We have a table in the room and Kobe heard Trevor waking up and ran into the room, climbed on the table and said "Morning Trebor." So cute! Next thing I knew Kobe was yelling for me and when I went into the room Kobe said, "Mama, Kobe nap time." Suddenly, he thinks all his baby stuff is cool agian. I laugh to see him in the saucer. normally it is on his knees but he also found that he could play BETWEEN WHILE Trevor was in it. .next it's the bouncer, he some how manages to fold into a pretzle with his feet in the air playing with the toys screaming "baby kobe." (the bum shot photo was avoided for your benefit...although it does show his flexiblity :) AND I THINK I CAN POTTY TRAIN HIM AT THIS POINT!hee haa right....We also have a lot of fun with the "play clothes" that CeLes gave us. Yesterday, it was the Incredibles. I did manage to get him to take them off to go to Bailey's (a.k.a. lifesavors), but when I came home from work Jason said he refused to go to bed without wearing it. I just love my boys. There is nothing in the world like your children's laugh. Jason said they had them giggling last night. well it's PAPA Joes birthday tomorrow. I can't believe my dad is 68!!! Wow young punk still looks great. Kobe just loves him!!! My dad has always had a soft touch with the little ones. Love ya dad!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

loving resolutions....what resolutions?

A person may think...Do I really want to stay up just to say "Happy New Year" to only crash in bed minutes later! You bet. Half the fun is seeing who can actually make it to midnight. Ben and Nikki, as usual, through a great party. Firebug Ben had a load of fireworks that Jason helped supervise :) kobe actually enjoyed them this year. Nikki had everyone do "poppers" every hour to count down. Kobe loved playing with these magnets that Santa Brought Hannah and Sara. I wish I knew where she got them. too cool! Then with both boys wide awake at midnight, we cheered in the new year, smooched a little (suddenly Jason is shy in this category but as you can see in the bottom of the picture Kobe wanted in on ;), and hoped the boys would fall asleep on the way to my mom's house. Which they didn't, or did they? Due to my fried eyeballs and frazzzzzzelled brain, I can't really remember. I do remember that I was tired. What's new!
Trevor did manage to work in a quick nap, so he could make it. We were suppose to write down our resolution down on paper and then open them up next year...the problem was that I enjoy so many of my problems:) ****LISA****you may appreciate this one :) I love my sister's resolution...She is a proud recovering caffeine junky of one year and her resolution is to DRINK MORE CAFFEINE. Got to love some people's creativity. If and when I decide on mine, I'll let you know. I'm still debating which is "really" important. Jason's as always is to NOT make a resolution. But I'm sure deep down it is to go hunting more. We hope your year is full of some NOT SO GOOD MEMORIES...BUT GREAT ONES!!!