Monday, September 28, 2009

ONE year old and cuuuteRRRR tooo.... Happy birthday 2 you!

Party time hasn't seemed to end our home. With two close birthdays, we celebrated our two little engines birthdays together. And then of course our little family celebrated their special day on their actual birthday. After all, Trevor is turning ONE!

Sunday was to train hauling good time, as all the passengers arrived. Kobe was excited to have his train birthday cake and Trevor well he couldn't understand why he couldn't put his finger into it. Thanks to family, the boys had a blast and were spoiled.

Monday, Trevor had some favorite things for breakfast. He is so fun to watch trying to figure out what to do with that glowing fire. I love this picture because he looks like a pro, but really he is doing his famous "OH!"

We finally we made it to a long awaited "Hop To It" The boys went crazy running around. Trevor got excited just on the climb up the slide and Kobe loved the new baseball game.

The evening was complete with going out to dinner. Trevor crashed on the way home, but still managed to through in some excitement with launching some surprises in the bathtub, making for a quick get away and kobe going "oh....Trevor pooped in the tub".

In all, it was still full of surprises and a lot of fun playing with their new toys!!!!

We love your little smile and giggles.We can't believe how fast you catch onto things...You love to try to do everything that Kobe does. Everyone always says you look too little to be walking or running for that matter. We love the way you say "uh" meaning one when we ask you how old you are and showing us your one finger that conveniently finds it way to your nose or ours :) We love how you get excited to see Kobe in the morning and how you smile mischievously as you push the power button on the DVD player and giggle as come running after you. I love the way you get so sad and pout out that lip when we tell you No. Your little squeals you make when you feel left out either on the couch or when someone goes outside without you. We love how you get excited and totally be crying but immediately start clapping/smiling when you hear us start singing "If your happy..." and most of all I love the way you melt my heart when you tilt your head to the side and smile.

Happy First Birthday Trevor!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Big 3!!!

Kobe has been gearing and thinking about his birthday for months now. He has gone through a million birthday party ideas...changing his mind on the type of birthday cake...and what he wants. Not so much changing his mind on what he wants but more so as he would quote me "You want everything." Well September 21st has finally come.

It was nice to spend a day focusing on him. Kobe woke up and had french toast, watermelon and a candle. He blew the candle out before I even got to tell him he had to make a wish. It is so fun to have a little guy that finally gets a "birthday". He giggled as Grandma Gwen sang what i think was happy birthday. All he said after the conversation was, "grandma's funny." While he was too busy watching Dinosaur trains to talk to his dad, other's did manage to catch his attention for a minute to wish him a Happy Birthday. that is the library reading a book and my favorite was Aunt Megan's call while he was going down the slide or climbing it for that matter. It's funny how at his age he think you can see what it going on the other side of the phone. He kept showing people how old he was on the phone, in case you couldn't see he followed it with "I'm free".

So we managed to squeeze in the library, park, dinosaur nuggets in a tent in the living room while watching Spirit at lunch, present opening time and a spontaneous get together with G.G. , papa, grandma and pa Jones, Dust buster, Tiki and Jacob. We had homemade pizza, salsa, veggie tray, and Kobe picked out a Lightening McQueen Ice cream Cake. They unfortunate surprise of going to Hop To IT turning out to be a Surprise we close in 5 MINS!! I think I was more bummed then Kobe. He loves that place and We were all excited to go watch him break loose, but instead we ran to the park and watched him take on Uncle Dustin on a race around the toys.

He must of had a great day because he fell asleep on the way home and was in bed by 8:30pm. Well thanks fam for the phone calls. It really made him feel special today.

Kobe loves to do so many things at this age: trains, dinosaurs, hence PBS' Dinosaur Trains, finding the moon and stars, pirates, movies the latest "Spirit" on second renting from the Library, parks, library, Thomas the Train, I spys, HIS MOM, snich tomatoes from the garden with his shadow and partner in crime Trevor, learning!!!!, water, cooking, helping put away the silverwear, picking up SPIDERS and worms, painting (when my mom lets me), dancing to music on movies, singing (He knows from the first tune "MY BIG GREEN TRACTOR", making Trevor laugh, wrastling and hanging with His cousins!

What Kobe doesn't like at this age: Not a lot , that is it depends on the day but the one thing that is consistent: he hates getting dress on only one day of the week, which happens to be Sundays!

We love you Kobe!!! I remember the day you came and moment I held you, I knew you were my special "Sonshine" You make us smile everyday with your cute and spontaneous comments. You surprise us everyday with your smart and unbelievable whits. You teach us something everyday that we could do better because of your example.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

August Fun

August was a busy month of fun. First teeth and WALKing like crazy...fair 10yr class reunion and more. We had a lot of fun as a family and have tried to enjoy the sun, but honestly I LOVE FALL!

I really wish I would ahve taken more pics. It was fun to see so many friends. were missed. Jason would have to say it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He got quite a chuckle out of Jordan A.K.A MC. It was so fun to see classmates/friends with their cute kids. It even turned out the Fun run...was great. Who knew it would be a great time to socialize while running. I just they raised some good money for Mr. Call.

We tried a couple of times to take Kobe fishing, but heck we still have some time. less of summer to catch the BIG ONE or anyone for that matter. Don't get me wronbg, Jason ahs gone on fishing trips and caught fish it's just WE weren't there ;)

A little late, but we did manage to squeeze in the promise water slide. Kobe was a maniace and Trevor...well you couldn't see him for the splashes!!

Did I mention our FIRST GARDEN turned out not too shabby. The boys sometimes get lost in the tomato plants because their HUGE and Kobe loves to just go out and pick some pear and cherry tomatoes and eat them like candy!! Just like his mama! Although next year I think there area a few things I would do thin our funky carrots!

I have to admit the Twin Falls County Fair is awesome for kids with their petting area. Kobe even milked a cow, but no camera! So at best these are from the Cassia fair.

September awaits Kobe turning 3 and a week later Trevor turns 1!!!!! I think Kobe has been talking about turning 3 for months and has chnage his mind on what kind of birthday cake just as many times. He is EXCITED!!!

And hopefully if I get my at together I'll be helping Kobe with his preschool! That is after I get back from my much anticipated weekend with my sista's and madre at our SECOND Scrapbooking expo in a YEAR! Did I mention that I love my husband!