Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Time at Unexpected Time

Jason's Uncle Steve passed away in His home after a battle of cancer. With sadden times brings a Reuniting of Family. It was nice to see the Jones'. Unfortunately, we don't really get together as a family with that side of the bunch. His kids did a great job and it turned out nice.

Tosha and Madison were able to make the trip this way. Kobe couldn't wait for her to arrive and thought any one who knock on the door just had to be her. Any time Madison comes down there is a MUST STOP.....HOP TO IT! So we got together and kids went wild what they do best! PLAY! Missing in action were the pictures of the Adults racing through the blow up toys/slide...the winner...No there was no shame as the people working there kept the KIDS off the TOYS while the dangerous race was on!!

Kobe loves spending time with Maddison. Grandma decided to show us a pumpkin patch near by. The boys had a blast running around and couldn't decide witch pumpkin was the perfect one. After 10 miles of hiking around Kobe narrowed it down to a "White" one. Fewwww that narrowed things down to Only 200!

Kobe loves this time of year and says "look mom out my window...there FIVE pumpkins...thats to 'cool for school'". Jason is great. HE wired in a light switch so I could have pumpkins that light up on my planter shelf and my friend Julie inspired me with her creation for my version of a wreath makeover. Unfortunately the before shot would be a ugly scarecrow on a wooden circle and AFTER....

Even the sick's good we have a minnie nurse in the family taking care of
US OR I should say DAD. This is the "early" on picture of the things he covered him up with: Kobe's blanket, pillow, rug, Trevor's chair and sippie cup...eventually all the star pillows and animals from his room were piled on. He pulled the curtains in the living room and told me "SHHHHH dad is sleep'n he's sick and needs to see the doctor. Most of which was not true and Jason was just soaking up his PAMPER time. Overall, we have enjoyed this fall season!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not so much a One year "WELL" visit....

Trevor's well visit came and he suddenly started getting a runny nose two nights before. Ya, he has been a little fussy, but contributed it to his new tooth trying to come in. No's all good. I expected sick days would come after hang'n with the family over conference weekend and birthdays. So when we went to his visit Thursday, I mentioned he had been a little more fussy then his norm, but temps and darn those teeth and runny noses. OUTCOME: The poor little guy now has 4 shots in his "health strong" legs, a cold, a new tooth coming in and ANOTHER ear infection. The doctor gave me some options: 1-hold off on giving medication and see if it clears up and see him to 4 weeks or so 2-start meds and see him in 2-3 weeks. Either way if he gets fussy for what ever reason treat him. Well Jason think why we would hold off and after he got home the next day I couldn't either (fussy was just getting worse)So Needless to say we started medication Friday night and started having temps Sunday. Doctor thinks he may have build a resistance to the amoxicillin because it has been so soon since his last ear battle. Humph...At least it's not the SWINE FLu!!! But my little guy ain't so happy, whether it's the repercussions of the shots/pain, tooth, cold....either way I think his cries say "I just don't know what YOU were thinking...I just DON'T feel good people". Hopefully in a couple of days He'll he back to feeling up to himself, and now MY COLD will go away.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Apparrently our computer has crashed which has really driven me crazy/bonkers/coocoo. I'm trying to post pics and such but unforntunately EVERYTHING is messed up/LOST/ or mostly both .It seems when i finally get something fixed something else becomes the problem. So....GRRRRRRRRR!