Monday, August 30, 2010

may kodak rest in peace...

I'm sad to say i have been without my camera now for many a weeks due to it taking a tumble at girls camp and then finally telling me it had it by not snapping anymore pictures. it just simply teased me by turning on and ready to deliver at my command.....but NOTHING!
Therefore my phone has been in charge of picking up the slack, but i'm sure that is were they will stay due to the lack of knowledge on my part....

Monday morning, as chilly as says it is outside,it looks beautiful! I love opening the curtains in the morning to see blue skies. In the back ground Trevor is repeating something scrambled, but happy! I lift him out of bed, change his diaper and proceeded to turn on his favorite movie...."KAH CHOW" (aka CARS) With him satisfied and Kobe still sleeping next to him, i make my way thew my room to my throne. AHHH quite time. One of the only places for peace and quite where kids don't bother you (unless your Kim and doing construction) .....When my happy, not sleeping anymore son walks more peace and quite, nope not even in the bathroom. Of course the little man follows and insist i follow him, trying to take my hand. Unsatisfied by the comment, "Trevor, mommies busy give me just a second." Of course because he wears the pants in the family, he persistance increases and out comes the bottom lip. Luckily for mommies distraction was nearby "look there are your cars" Distraction, we all know it works minutes. Unlucky for me, he noticed one that fell in the bathtub. He tried so hard but got high centered and started to cry. These are those times when they can almost get away with anything because really you are stuck. I barely could reached his shorts and pulled him to his feet. Finally Both boys decided to leave the room with Kobe making one of his fabulaous one-liners/ lovely comment, "Mom, now I have poop buggers" I simply reminded him "I didn't invite you" Oh, I love the start to Not-so-alone-time Monday mornings!!! I love my boys, despite their boyish comments.

It's best I didn't have a camera for this one :)
Because I no longer can post updated pictures and because I have to have one....I have chosen to post a few past pics of sister reunions.I'm soooooooooo excited for next weekend Expo time together.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time for an update.....long over due

Memorial weekend our family enjoys going around to the different cemeteries to remember family and friends. The weekend is also spent somewhere with the Jones's. This year was Indian Hot Springs. Highlights: Four-wheeling, Kobe got to release a humming bird from his hand...swimming...boys playing Frisbee... We also Found we NO LONGER fit in our TENT!

This year was the first time the boys and I got to join in on the Family Bike ride from Sheppard's the CeLes' house. Boys loved MOST of the ride :) This pic is for the gentle man who ran the stop sign in front of many witnesses.

Father's day is always a special time to focus on those loving Father's that work so hard for our family! I have the best father, father-in-law, grandpa's and the world's best hubby!

My mom's favorite holiday is the Fourth and I have to say she has made it one of my favorites too. My sweet young Mother turned one year younger this year! There is never a word to describe what she means and how much she does for me.....I love you mom!!!!

Cuz Madison was down from Vegas area and the boys were so excited to have them down.Swimming, Hop To It, the zoo, name it they were together. Trevor, who is talking more each day loved to say "where's Madison". They eventually had to go home and Kobe was so sweet, it hadn't even been 2 days and he was saying "I miss Madison" I think for a minute they thought she was living at Grandma Candy's house forever.

Our Jensen Reunion was a hit once again. I was excited that we were able to go earlier this year. "This OLD house" was our theme....many neat crafts for women, men , and children were done and who else has a monster-mash Halloween DANC'N grove'n party in the mountains tell 10pm but US. We do have the best DJ in the family. Unforgetable memories of Beautiful chair lift ride and what a treat to be suprised with Uncle Allen and Aunt Treasea, Lisa Rae and Wendy/kids show up. I love when we catch up.......

With one day to be back and repack....Girls Camp was a great way to end the month. It was so fun to be a leader get to know the girls. Our ward was over the First years. You never know what to expect from girls who haven't been to camp before and it truelly was an interesting experience....I learned a lot, loved having all our leaders there Wednesday for the destiny walk, Thursday's Testimony meeting, enduring extra mile hike (that ended with only 3 of 24 of us actually completing the whole hike.....and we were the ones that got to see a deer). It was just a great reminder of priorities that helped increase my testimony!

I have to say I was looking forward to being with my boys and spending time with my hubby again! Thanks to EVERYone that pitched in to watch my Boys!!!!! They had a blast! LOVE YOU!!