Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reunion Time!!!

After 3 weekends of camping in a row, we finally finished it off with the Jensen Reunion at Twin Lakes. It's always a highlight to go down to Lake Cleveland. Kobe loved the water, suprisingly it wasn't that cold were we jumped in. Kobe kept dipping in lower and lower and was in heaven when he found a stick he could throw and dogs he could watch splashing around.

Mom and Aunt Deanne worked really hard and had a sweet theme for the reunion "Out of This World". We went on a trip to the moon, created our own planets, and picked out our own star! We had a great time playing cards, etc., with cousins and camping trip wouldn't have complete with Hawkes' Monkey Bread...We hate to share :) We even only managed to loose Kobe once :) He loved exploring a little too much at times. He loved playing in the camper, and cried out "outside" the first thing when he woke up and the last thing when he went to bed.

He had a blast playing on Sheppenhalls' trailer. It was kind of nice to be able to visit with the open door and a place for Kobe to play with his "cars." Kobe always suprises us. We went for a four-wheeler ride and Kobe kept saying "more, More"
and on the second time around the campground he came back asleep. How someone ever falls asleep on a four-wheeler??? But too much fun = falling asleep, where ever and when ever he can. There wasn't much naps taking on this trp. Love you family!!! Thanks for all the fun and memories!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Proud To Be American

The Fourth of July was a day of fun. We started with going to Rupert Parade with the Jones. When the plane flew by in the begging, to signal the parade to start, Kobe said "more." He apparently has developed this love for airplanes this past week. Thanks to the handfuls of candies and great entertainment, Kobe sat the rest of the parade on Jason's lap...Between the munches of candy we heard "Cool", "What's that", and "WOOOOW" all the way to the end of the parade. Jason even actually enjoyed the parade this year because the weather actually made it tolerable.

After the parade we were off to PaPa and GG's house for a BBQ. After a much needed nap back at the Jones', we went to the Hawkes' partycentral for a water party with the cousins and BBQ dinner. I can't have too many BBQ in one day :) Night time was growing near we loaded up to head to the Burley Boat Docks for Mom's flag cake and fireworks! was a consensus that Burley shouldn't waist money on the fireworks on the ground and spend that money for the bigger ones. It was sad to say that the fireworks only lasted 2 mins and somehow a "Finally" was some how a forgotten term like last year. But the time with family can't be beat! Maybe next year we can talk people into coming to the Twin Falls Fireworks!!! Since we do live there and have never even seen them. We hope you all had a Happy Fourth!