Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jensen Reunion Hoe Down!

This year was a blast at the reunion...that was despite the fact I was sick with a nasty cold and still wandering when it will go AWAY! Which made me inches away from a Kleenex and DayQual/ Sudafed PE (alternating didn't seem to help any)and minutes away from the comment "Are you sick?" (..not that the frog coming out of my throat gave it away or my Mentholatum shiny nose...."NOPE....I just sudden found my lost Kleenex twisted up my's your sign!")
My mom and Aunt Deeanne always has a theme filled day set up. After we snagged a picture with the pumpkins and scarecrow, all the cousins/families piled on 3- trailer hay ride, pulled by Jeff's Bombardier AKA four-wheeler. As we were taking off it was hilarious to watch the campers around us sneeking pictures of us on their cell phones. Not sure if it was the crazy company waving and singing at passers or the fact you usually DON'T see that sort of things in the mountains or the combination. The "plan" was to ride around to different camp sites, but within the first 5 mins into the downhill part of the ride too much pressure on the hitch of the first trailer made for 90% of the party being dumped off to the side of the rode with 2 trailers and long awaited "come back and get's ya ride"

I'm not sure what was more memorable: Some of the same campers smiling at us and their random comments made as they squeezed passed our unhitched trailers with us still waving at them driving by us this time, or the woman on a fourwheeler that stopped with TWO other friends on see what we were needing...Melissa said "We're just look'n for three other fourwheelers to help pull us back" Funny thing was they just pulled away, but I was rolling when Melissa said "Let us know when you see any" or my ultimate favorite was My Aunt Dee's comment, "I will stay until the very end till everyone has been taken back!!!!" (kinda like the captain staying with his sinking ship).....that is until she saw some of the family(95%) deciding to trudge it up hill back to camp on foot, suddenly the rest of the crew was suddenly FORGOTTEN. Melissa and I couldn't help but laugh as we yelled "so much for the last of the Mohicans." My cousin Bob came to the rescue after walking back to camp. He came strolling in as night in shining armor (ok it more like a man in a shiny van) hitched up the remaing 10 TROOPERS who wanted the hay ride....which Kobe loved! I think it was hoe down music serenading us from the van as we drove around the rest of the camps on the way back!

The "farmers mercantile" was filled with corn, carrots, a "give and GRAB" (not so much giving as there was GRABBING AND CRYING), tools, crafts, hand-made camo carving/aprons for the kids, sunflower candles, hand-border towels....and on and on ......

My cards were finally completed to give away at the women exchange. How fun it is to see what others have done and stressful to hand yours out. Some cards were passed out in "race car" fashion to avoid any embarrassment. You could have cutest card but still feel like a dork!....My card theme...WISH!

The "grab, root, growl" dinner was just that and the evening entertainment had everyone rolling in the dirt! I tell you, some of my cousins are talented, funny and others are down right hilarious! After the talent portion was down, Ken jammed up his sound system and drums for some country swinging and line dancing (i'm just sure our neighbors loved that :) Luck and unlucky for us the kids were asleep in the trailer. Kobe missed out on all the fun going to bed at 7:30 (like that EVER happens)Trevor was a little trooper but soon retired too, which made it so Jason and I could squeeze in a dance or two.

The Gamers were busy yelling TWO TWO TWO, ONE ONE ONE (translation ...PIT), While the rest of us just spent the night talking by the campfire.

Kobe had one the best dirty faces ever. He couldn't seem to get enough of the rides with the bike, painting, and playing with "his friends". Poor Trevors' fun came to a stop and tears begin to pour as poor mom put a stop to the dirt party. He was going to town, but when the dirt went flying and in the mouth....HEY it was FIRST day of camping WITHOUT showers! So the rest of his time was spent in the camper, play pin, on my back, or in someones coveted arms!!! For his first reunion it wasn't too bad. Despite our first 30 mins there with Trevor spilling out the trailer's screen door, down the two flights of stairs, onto his head.

Sunday we gathered for a "mountain version" of Church...which turned out to be a great devotional. We each got carved wooden heart from Uncle Max as a reminder!

It seems now that we are home Trevor has decided to really take off walking. Did I mention he also decide to pop out his first tooth in the mountains.

Time came and went too fast. Some projects are still in the working. I'm still working on a sewing projects Mom gave out, but boy does My mom and her sister really go out of their way coming up with memorable themes that just leave you in awe! It is one more reunion that will leave many memories to cherish! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Jensen for starting such a fun tradition! We miss you!

P.S. Jensens....YOU WERE MISSED!!! AND thanks Grandma and Pa Jones for letting us use your trailer AGAIN.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Soo far behind...where to start

I don't know how a person can ever catch up after not blogging for a while. it's starting to look like my journal...last entry (i actually look to see how bad) february 5, 2007. hummmmm So guess best to start today and go back wards.

July 13: Pulled out all my hair, raised my voice louder then usual to Kobe (although after wacking Trevor in the head hard with a toy, not much sympathy there), and being annoyed that Jason didn't leave me any Dutch ove rib left overs....ALL STEMMED FROM THE FACT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING TWO DAYS FOR MY CAMERA AND TODAY I HAD HAD IT. I'm trying to make some "neat" (which is where i went wrong from the begining) cards for my reunion next week. Not much time and i was needing the photos on my lost camera!!!
Finally...which should have came first...I said "ok Heavenly Father, i need some help" I'm sure his reply was..."well why didn't you just say so...." After 5 mins i "relooked" inbetween the couch cover sheet and found my sterio controller...ya Jason will be happy since he was looking for that one for a while now. This only gave my hopes up. That was until i was determined it was behind the other cushion and SURE ENOUGH!!!THANK YOU BIG GUY!

Trevor is getting so big. He has been testing the "walking"

This past weekend we got to swing by Rupert for a birthday party for my little neice who lives in Vegas now.
Friday, we hung out with them at HOP TO IT and on July 9 i missed out an other one of my families (thank you work) birthday parties...MY MOTHER!!!! I guess it's a good thing my husband is a great supporter. Maybe my next prayer should be for the 1 year old PEACOCK she got. Yes a many of you can say you get something that cool for your birthday and she got 2. I love her so much! Looking Great, at AGE ??! :) We did manage to squeeze in a camp fire and hike in the mountains for the Hawkes for one night.

Been camping a couple of times "in the mountains" as Kobe loves to say. "Mom, I fell in the mountains, I see the boys in the mountains." We also had a great time during the week Jason's work shuts done for the summer....Believe it or not we did see 2 baby moose Camping!!!This picture below is not just a scenory pictures look to the right of the water....look harder...and yep barley caught a picture of ...their... legs but that's our proof followed by some boating with the Tarbet's, a movie (actaully at the theature and i alsmost made it through the movie without stepping out with Trevor), some Ains time with her dusty running shoes(ok so there my nursing shoes), the Rupert parade....and with all that extra time togther...we DID actually get ALONG great! (it seems when you don't get to see eachother and then their there 24/7...ah humm you know what i mean)

June...The end of June we said good-bye to our friends the Baileys. Kobe still askes "Where's Josalyn...(after I try to explain the next questions tend to follow) Where's Josayln's bed ....Where Josalyn's toys?" They'll be surely missed! I got to Take a long awaited trip to SLC and Park City with some of my favorite friends!! There were many laughes, some crazy "no kids, be free and young" time, and Shanty took on my challenge of cutting my hair at the hotel room, and just a weeeeee bit of shopping!

That following Sunday we made it back for "Daddy time" AKA Fathers's day!

ok so i'm still behind....but trying!!!