Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the back of my mind....

I never took the chance to place some pictures from Jason's birthday...aka what he really wanted for his birthday time at "Hop To It". Not to worry too much because he did get his fun in racing Kobe through the obsticle course and knocking the kids down with the pads (Uncle Darby's idea.)

Plus some of my pictures turned out cute and because CeLes got the flu..we knew she would want us to take pictures.

So sometimes when the brother-in-laws get never know what will happen but you can usually find them laughing...This was one of my favorites. Jeff and Jason were racing up the stairs to the slide and as you can see from the following pictures some how Jeff Kept falling down the stairs and Jason got to laughing pretty hard after Jeff fell about the third time in a row. It was amazing they ever made it down the slide.I wish you could see the look on J's face better.

Also I did survive the first night without Trevor (Anniversary). But sadly when I tried to call Kobe the next day he "don't want to talk" because he was busy eating cheetos. So I guess that is good?! I was happy to have them back, despite the fact Kobe crying during the most of dinner at Jonny Carinos and kept trying to take a nap on the floor...and Trevor had a moment where I couldn't get him to stop crying historically. So I had to exit dinner and run to the car...where apparently in attempt to try to everything to calm him...he finally was satisfied with a bum change. Go figure!!!Who likes to we soggy wet diaper? Next day, much better.

last but least...this may not seem very impressive, but Kobe insisted on taking a picture. I tried to show him how, but thought he took a picture of our feet. turned out not too bad for a 2 yr. old.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

And Who said ANNIVERSARIES can't be fun on a budget?!

So I would say I have one of the most CREATIVE husbands in the WORLD!!! This year was our 7th anniversary!!!and a memorable one at that. A couple of days prior to, Jason had asked me some questions, some based on some of my favorite places to spend or had spent with him. Some included going to Hawaii (could be fun), but that camping under the stars with a campfire is something I love to do and of course going to the Temple. So unfortunately I had planned poorly and was scheduled to worked on Friday. I tried to get an on-call the last part of the shift, but it ended up the first part and going in for the last 4 hours. So we hurried to Rupert where Grandma/pa Jones were bravely watching the boys over-night for us and then Jason dropped me off. the time Jason picked me up at 12:30 and arrived home to have Jason lead me "blindly into Trevor's room (not sure why at that point) so I could do a couple of things, we didn't actually get to start our date he had "planned" till 1:30 or so in the morning. That in it's self...he's a trooper. And due to the fact I had to work he had to "improvize". So our night (or morning that is) began by going to "HAWAII", he had one bathroom all set up with floating candles etc.(apparently his original idea was to go to a hot springs), next destination was the "BEACH" (kobe's room) and final stop....I was lead into the living room where he had pitched our tent a dozen red roses laying on our mattress and rose pedals leading the way. A bottle of sparkling cider, homemade cinnamon rolls and a fire (Well he had tried to find a mini fireplace , but had to settle for grouped candles). We completed the "morning" at this point it was 3:00 by watching FIREPROOF from inside the tent! I just loved every bit of it. The movie was a perfect touch!!!So we couldn't quite stay awake the whole movie at that point, but ended up watching it after we woke up. To finish off our time together, the next days plans were to go through a temple session (the only idea I knew he planned.) Well Jason thought why don't we see if they have any "sealing" openings. Awesome idea, well long story short...they were too busy and the apparently they didn't have us down for the 330 session and apparently it was "reserved" for a ward???? isn't this typical when your trying to go to the Temple. Well Jason promised me a date night Wednesday...Tiki is watching the kids and we'll do sealings. we'll see cause they said no appointment needed. ???? This time we'll just show up!!!It worked out that the Sheppard's brought the boys back and my parents came down that afternoon so we went to the home and garden expo, Johnny Carino's and back to our house to watch FIREPROOF again. It will be one anniversary to remember. I love you Jason. You really make me feel special with all the little things you do to make our relationship grow. Hopefully someday I'll gain a "Master's Degree" in You. Good thing I have the ETERNITY to work on it :)!!!! I Love You FOREVER!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday JASON!!!!!!

SO it's my sweetheart'sbirthday today. HAPPY 29th Birthday!!!Man you're getting OLD!!!
The top 29 reasons why WE love YOU!!! Not to be confused with the 7 reasons why I love being with you ;) that's in a couple of days! In random order!
1.Because you take me fishing with you....most of the time
2. Because you have cut back on "accidental" purchases!
3. Because you will take Trevor in the morning on Saturdays and let me get a little more shut eye.
4. You are an AMAZING!!!!good....COOK!!!!
5. and because you learn to cook my favorite resturant meal's.
6. Because you wrestle with me and sometimes it's fun when we gang up on mom!
7. because you let me try things you know mom wouldn't.
8. because you the better "kissy monster!!!!!"
9. because you take me to the movies with you, even when moms at work.
10. because you spank like a pansie. (or that could be mom)
11. Because I love to cuddle with you.
12. Because you take the time to talk with me and listen to my stories.
13. Because you made sure I had a bedroom already before I was almost home.
14. Because you make sure mom doesn't dress me funny.
15. Because you ....are the second best bum changer in the house!!that's a compliment.
16. Your always great to round us boys/in-laws up to go hunting.
17. You always willing to go hunting no matter what the time or weather.
18. because you made sure we got in on the Turkey draw.
19. Because your easy to BS with and not have to worry if your judging.
20. Because you are such a great support of the kids (babtisms, blessing, games...)
21. Because I like to kick your butt at golf during breaks.
22. Because you can ditch your wife and go hunting and not feel bad about it.
23. Because you are the chessiest texter but yet so are we. (your wife may not think what is said is important, but it makes us laugh.)
24. Because Sportsman's is one of your favorite stores too.
25. Because your quick to check internet and make sure we're getting the best deals.
26. Because you make sure we can make it through anything together.
27. Because you work hard at work and at the home. It never stops at 3:30.
28. Because you make me laugh at how you can get so into a video game that you mimic moves without even knowing it. can make the cutest kids!!!! and the fact I love you too pieces because you are the best MOTO MOTO/hubby/friend in the world!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Adoption is new for our family. I have talked to many people and friends who have adopted and say what a great decision it was! Please let's us know if there is someone you know who might be interested. I have the most wonderful sister and brother-in-law in the world. Sadly they haven't been able to have any more children of their own. My sister has the biggest heart in the world and So after LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG thoughts and prayers, they have decide to look into ADOPTION!!!! So if anyone knows of any sweet mom's ready to have any new little ones that are looking for a great, caring, loving home I just so happen to know the PERFECT FAMILY!!!! Your in my prayers sis!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Want to go on a date?

So my clever sista had a great idea for a date night. A progressive "Love Dinner Date." With all my sisters and madre in on it. It was a hit. With "most" the men not knowing anything, Saturday we were off to burley. Kobe was dropped off with the Hawkes and Mendenhall boys at CeLes's. While the adults piled in with the Sheppard's. To the hubby's suprise we showed up to Rasmussen's. They said "Amy and Jeff AND Ben and Nikki are coming?" (ok so Trevor had to come along for mommie reasons and Maelin...their a little too little still) But they were great babies (almost not seen or heard when not being snuggled with adult kisses). So we had a delicious salad and appetizers at Amy's. Next we climbed into 3 vehicles,with walki-talki-s- and drove about 15 miles/hr to Melissa's. While driving someone in one car would ask another person in another car a question from cards CeLes had made up. This made for some interesting and hilarious conversation. As we got to Mel's that had a darling set up. We enjoyed more questions while eating lasagna, corn, and garlic bread. They had gotten some special drinks, which some swear it had something in it:) I was busy trying to get a picture of my fizzing drink i didn't realize it was spilling over. Such cute chocolates!!!that CeLes out does herself to make it special. Then we went and ended at my mom's were we tested my cinnamon rolls (I have to admit they were so good I didn't get a chance to even take a picture of them) and rootbeer/fruit floats!!!! We played "backseat drawing" game if you haven't played!!!!Time got away way too fast so we had to split early 10:00 to get the kids. It didn't even mind being stuffed in the backseat with Jason ;) and the company was great. Thanks sista's and Jason for playing along.