Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving Day #22

Happy Anniversary Honey!
Besides it's actually our anniversary today....I'm sad I really don't have many pictures to look at...but I won't go there cause that 1-cause there's no love there and 2-it's a long story...

Funny how much my little nephew looks like my little guy.

Some things that I already LOVE about today is...

A few moments of brotherly kindness! Kobe decided Trevor wanted him to read to Trevor...

My second love of today is...
Did you anyone see Dinosaur train??? The subject today ....Dinosaur POOP! Yep you missed it?! Wow that's all I could say!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lov'n Day #19 and #20

There are many times throughout a marriage that are priceless. But nothing really compares to ALONE TIME! If there ever is such a thing. I applaud those couples that just get out, others put their kids to bed early to get such a time, but the reality for the rest of us....IT JUST AIN'T AND DON'T HAPPEN!
So I say HALLELUJAH when our anniversary time comes around. Cause lets face I kinda like my husband and we always could use a little time to ourselves. Funny how you still can talk about those cute little whipper snappers even when they aren't there :)
We appreciated Ryan and Meg so much for watching the Boys over night. Sis, I'm sure things would have been fine in your neck of the woods but lets face it you must have been relieved with what you have coming up on your plate.
Every year we alternate taking turns. This year it was my turn. I learned it's so stressful actually planning and trying to keep things A surprise.

My big surprise came earlier in the week with tickets to comedian in SLC. Jason loves a good laugh and after a friend suggest the idea, I hopped on it. Unfortunately, it's not till March , so I still had to come up with something local and fun to do....sO

Friday night we dropped the boys off and headed off to dinner first. I was starving and was so happy to think could actually sit with out food flying towards the neighbors, Trevor trying to weasel his way out of he high chair, and stares coming from neighbors smile and in the back of their mind thinking "would it be easier to order out?" Why yes it would but we like to make appearance in public every once in a while.
After dinner I hopped in the driver seat. Trying to disguise where we were headed. I had plans to go to Miracle Hot Springs and jump in one of their Private Pools. We both haven't done that before and i thought it would be nice and relaxing. After the Lady insisted that I didn't need reservations, we pulled to find there was a 45 MINUTE WAIT!!! Hum RESERVATION NOT NEEDED....THANKS! Although we drove all that way, we both looked at each other (I was mostly shivering uncontrollably) and said NAH. Then Jason remembered Thousand Springs had some too. I was bummed because I had brought candles to surround the pool and even had to buy Jason new swinshorts on the way out cause I couldn't find his for the life of myself and I very well couldn't ask I was happy plan B worked. Plus it was a lot warmer even though I had looked forward to being open to the stars. I still light my candles and tried to stick close to the original plan.
After soaking up, Jason fell right into my plan when he said "now I'm ready for a dessert" I had already figured that 1- your always hungry after hanging out in the water and 2-By then your over stuffing yourself at dinner.
So we headed back to the house. Kobe was good to actually keep this sup rise to ourselves. I had transformed his room into a messauge Suite. I had tried to make these chocolate shelled mouse treats with fresh fruit topping and a chocolate pudding cake with strawberries and sparkling drink.
The evening was topped off by chill'n on the couch/bed watching a romantic comedy My Life in Ruins. I enjoyed laughing at at Jason's attempt to try to paint my toes.
Saturday....Slept breakfast...and relaxed spending the morning in the Temple. One of the joys of being close. It was a special day of sealings and learning so much more. Nothing could ever beat the time a couple spends in the Temple together. It was the perfect icing on the cake to the weekend.
After we ran to Rupert and picked the kids (who of course missed us...did we ever leave?)and just hanged out with family.

I'm LOV'N My sweetheart! EIGHT years, it's amazing how fast time goes! OH How we have grown and together we are better. He is an amazing dad and still loves to show me that I'm his number one. He works hard to take care of us. I couldn't imagine things without him and I'm glad I don't .......IT'S FOREVER!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day #14 Love'n My Valentines

We got to spend time in Boise with the birthday boys (Ryan and Jason)!! It was a double to pleasure weekend as we went to visit Grandma pa Jones (the boys greats). They have moved closer and now are in the Boise area too. It was good to see them. I don't believe they had even seen the boys yet. Darn getting old and living so far away!
I'm lov'n I remembered my camera for the occasion together.

Sunday, We woke up to heart french toast and heart strawberries then off we rushed to church. Later,we went to my mom's for a Valentine's / Birthday party for Jason. It was fun to have an excuse to get the family together. What a great Day!

I'm lov'n Together time!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day #16 (come back later for #14)I'm Lovn my honey turning 30!!

MY SWEET WONDERFUL CHARMING HUSBAND BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!!! We have been celebrating it over the weekend (with his family in Boise), Sunday(with my family/Valentine's party. I made some of his favorites: carrot cake :homemade, apple pie, and pumpkin pie), cause today I work. I woke up and made him some cinnamon rolls (not from scratch of course)but still yummie and we took him some lunch today at work. Can you believe he said I could just make sandwiches???!! He said, "You make good sandwiches." I said he was wonderful, right?! So we piled in the car his birthday present (even the the t.v. was "suppose" to be it), lunch and a piece of chocolate cake and candle! He is a good sport!!

Happy Birthday honey. WE love YOU!

Day #9 Lov'n A new LOOK!


I LOVE that my husband just let's me jump on a moment of feeling spontaneous! I've been waiting a long time to paint MY KITCHEN!!! WALA IN ONE evening (WITH KIDS)!

The REVEAL>>>of Colors....missing the olive color...

Trevor still thinking "do you realllly know what your doing?" NOPE but it's fun anyway!

The finished product!!! ok almost I just need to still decorate!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love'n the Fact I get to cheat, skip days and choose my Favorite Days to Write about!

February 8th!!
What I'm Lov'n about today is it's my Mother-in Law's BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Candy! We drove to Burley and took her out to eat at the UPPER CRUST!

It was nice way to celebrate.

I'm love'n STRANGERS!!....the Upper Crust is a resturant at the top of Gossner's. It a delious place/plant that procudes milk products. They have a shop on the bottom floors where they sell delious dairy products. Well there was this lady and gentleman. The gentleman was blind. We'll we were picking out some milk and the lady was telling i ought to try the rootbeer. well they didn't have anysample of it to try. Long story short, we were behind them in the check out. When we got up to pay they they turned to to give the Rootbeer milk she had bought for US. PLUS she had paid money for the boys to have an icecream cone!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Almost Late for Day #6

I'm LOV'n the fact we woke up at almost the time we were suppose to be THERE and my incredible abilities to drive like a MANIAC but safe...can those two wrods even go together? Literally things were flying as we tooking turns.

I'm lov'n the unexpected exercise I got. It's amazing the exercise you can get when your late and drop off the other ladies and have to park VERY FAR AWAY! (thinks sis for working out with me!) We seriuosly ran....My shins hurting are proof....did I mention it was up a hill we parked....

I'm LOVING Texas Roadhouse ROLLS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Jamba JUICE!!! I love the fabric I DIDN'T BUY. AND....
I Love experiences with my sista's, mom, and Jen EVEN MORE!

AHHHHH Day #5 and realllllllyyyyy Lov'n IT (DAY of HOPE)

Today I woke up to see snow dusty things and not looking good. I had been debating all week to make every wait to leave tell later so I could attend this meeting that I missed out on last year = no raise this year. It was the first class off erred this year and Who doesn't want to get it out of the way right??? Well after my-sister-in law couldn't watch them anymore and I saw the snow....I finally said o.k bite the bullet....better safe then sorry and LET'S leave earlier! So off to Burley we headed to meet up with my sisters, mom, and FRIEND. Off we headed to a much needed TIME FOR WOMEN!!!!
I'm LOV'n the chance to laugh out loud, get goose bumps from stories shared and beautiful music and refill my deprived tin cup!

Some forgot we were in time out mode :) CeLes and her phone:)

We had fun meeting up with Jen's Sister Heather at the conference. = post conference turning into a "later nighter" of interesting/fun conversation!

There is always time for some humor among the seriousness....leave it to MOM!

Day #4

I'm LOVE'n one more day tell We are OFF......For TIME OUT!

Unfortunately the last Four hours of work didn't go soooo hot. One patient having low blood pressure issues, etc., 2nd patient needed pain meds 10 mins ago or was that 30mins hummm, 3rd patient needs help to bathroom yesterday, 4th...well lets just say two words not taken lightly "chest pain", and I was thankful for the patient 5th patient! Which leads me to ....I LOVE the NIGHT STAFF/FRIENDS that made splitting my body into 5th almost possible! I LOVE that I'm not alone. I'm still Lov'n my job!

Did I say already that I'm LOV'n tomorrow!

Day #3

I LOVE "giving" suprises but I dont LOVE setting them up, so much anticipation that something will go wrong. Whic leads to...I LOVE the fact that even when I'm stressed I can sucker my sister wich = MORe stress for her!
Love ya's to fun suprises!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day #2 and Lov'n it

So because we ate too much last night it was a shocker we NEVER touched the icecream cake. So I laughed this morning when Kobe was eating breakfast and said, "I EAT MY PEACHES AND WAFFLE THENNNNNNN I GET ICE CREAM CAKE"

1. lOV'N breaking the rules and having icecream at 10AM

2. Lov'n the start of final season of Lost! Finally I will get the anwers to unanswered answers of the twist and untwist to the story, un told story (those loving fans, YOU know what I mean)

3. Love'n my new calling and getting together with the ladies to have our "meetings"
/get out of the house/bonding time. I love working with these ladies and to think we are just getting started!

4. Kobe on the other made me feel good when he said "IIIIII LLLove IT!" to my cooking last night. Day #1 of trying new recipes, with a little twicking!Recipe called for so

urcream. I wasn't so sure about it but Jason tried it on his half...not too bad!

A month of LOV'n (p.s. not that kind :)

I have LOVED this start to February. Since our Stake President/Heart Doctor stated on Sunday, the best medicine is LOVE, I say this is the best month to celebrate LOVE!
What I'm LOVE'N about February 1st...
*Love'n the snowman the boys built, but it melted melted small small small

** Kobe being in charge of treats for Family Home evening which = DQ ICECREAM CAKE (of which i had NO influence on :)
***Jason was cooking dinner which = we got take out (chicatti china, the chinese chicken, you have a drumb stick and your brain starts tick'n....sorry it got in my head after Jason mentioned what he was craving). AKA Wonk'n Grill Mmm Mmm Dlish (Of which i still had no influence and really didn't want to but heck not cooking is always a plus!)

****Kobe being Mr. Helpful. I started vacumming and he saw I needed the rug moved and he came over and grabed it and moved it to the couch, without asking.

***** Kobe came over to me while I was vacuuming and stated, "Mom can I vacume? That would make dad so pleased. (where did he come up with wording) I was thrown off gaurd and like I'm going to say no. But then Trevor wanted to help out to, so it ended up being three people holding onto the handle going 0.05 miles per hour forward and back. If that doesn't such up all the dirt, I don't know what would!

******The 6th thing I'm lov'n is my cooking magizine. It about slow cooked recipes. Every since the Stake relief Society day in which I couldn't stay for the crockpot class, I have been dieing for recipes. With the bonus about this magazine is is it has a picture for every recipe!!! LOVE THAT! I bought at Walmart. He acctually pointed it out. I said to Jason should we get it? His reply, I don't know, if you want to....TRANSLATION TO ME "Probably not, it's just another cook book" HIS TRANSLATION "GO AHEAD AND GET IT". If you know the me as the tight wad that I am, I DIDN'T get even though I really wanted. Any question about whether or not I usually choice NOT! Jason said later, why didn't you get it? I was like Dang I should have. Well you bet when when went to Wallies last night it was on my list. Then I couldn't find it, FEBRUARY 1ST....duh they have the next months magazine out....But I eventually found it!!! We'll see if we LOVE what I cook from it????

******I only work 2 days this week!!!!!I'm LOVE'N the "TIME OUT" my two sisters and mom are going to this weekend!!!!!

Well here's to LOTS of LOVE Each day In FEBRUARY!!